Bull having reserve of male slaves to support the Bulls lovers.

Can I have an opinion.

Lets say a Bull enters into an arraignment with a sub/slave or other fetishist. The sub becomes the Bull's de facto slave or servant. The arraingment specifically entails that any single woman he knocks up, it is expected of the slave to support the woman and baby. This may involve even living together. but the woman is not the slaves boyfriend or what have you. She is still the Bull's possession, lover, or at the very least an interested person. The slave financially, and if is called for emotionally supports her and her Bull's baby. However it is left up to the Bull to enforce discipline and maintain the status quo of the arraignment.

Thoughs anyone?
This is strictly a theoretical topic. I am obviously greatly amused and interested in playing such a role. But that's still in committee.


To each their own but really, what guy wants to sit by and watch a woman get pregnant, be given the responsibility to raise that kid for the next 18 years, and get nothing out of it?
Let's look at situations where hubby raises the offspring of his wife's and the Bull. It's definitely a dynamic that has humiliation as its structural core. This situation is just a deviation or offshoot of that scenario. It's no different then the slave who serve a Mistress. There is not always a strong emotional connection present. We are just examining it a higher level.


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By definition it can be argued that the traditional cuck is a fool, idiot, stooge, or chump.
Yeah, but with a real cuck its "fool me once, shame on you ... fool me twice, shame on me!" We rarely discuss REAL CUCKS in these forums; its always someone who's interested in getting his wife blacked ... that's actually not a real cuck. ;)

I think "bm" hit it right the first try ... "A fool, idiot, stooge, chump, whatever term you can think of that fits."

A2DaB, now tell us what your true purpose of this brilliant idea is! Is it to see just how foolish & belittled you can possibly make this supposedly white male you hallucinate accepting this responsibility? Are you wishing to reach the extremities of humiliation, maybe?
This post is not about some fantasy of my vast sodimized imagination here. It's looking at it from a different approach in terms of understanding the implications and factors involved with such a situation.
Wish I knew exactly where it was you are heading with this ... hold it, I know, just a sec ... be right back!
OK ... go! :)

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Dude are you serious? Maybe I am not articuliating myself in the most effectual manner as I had hoped. but that far from warrants any level of flaming. Especially when I asked how I go about moving this thread to a more appropriate sub genre. But I Imagine you find your kinks as acceptable while being pretentious to those of others.


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While I should think this would be an exceptionally rare occurrence, I do suppose that it could happen with someone having an exceptionally strong need for humiliation and desire to be in service to another.

I could see this as a scenario in which a submissive gay white male might be in love with a dominant black male that is married and has kids. The black dom accidentally knocks up another woman and has the "slave" marry her to support her and the baby. The slave could see this as not simply serving his master, but also as a strange form of marriage to him as well as having a baby with him. The woman would accept it as a convenience.

It would definitely take some quirky dark psyches to make it work, but, what the fuck, if everyone is happy .....

However, realistically, it isn't much different than many other "relationships of convenience" people getting married to enable citizenship, mail order brides, gay male to lesbian marriages, young gals or guys marrying old geezers for the inheritance, etc.