Black Guys: Do your friends know about this lifestyle too? Does it ever come up in conversations?

I find there isn't enough written about the experience of black men in this lifestyle. Just wondering if you have ever mentioned to your friends that you had sex with a white man's wife/girlfriend while he watched?
Also, do most younger black guys know about this lifestyle? Have any other friends ever mentioned to you that they got hit on by a white couple at a bar, or some other place? Or, maybe they even got invited over to have sex with someone's wife? Just trying to see if this is generally kept on the downlo with black guys, or if they talk openly about it with their friends. Maybe they have even mentioned seeing this type of porn. Any responses would be appreciated!


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Honestly we talk about pussy at work share our experiences we had with women but i know haven't told my co workers . Right now it's seems like some married women around the houston area would like to have a affair it's younger and older I've had two married women want to fuck but it never worked out for me both white .


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I had several black guys share me with their friends so it must be going on somewhat. I did have a couple of guys that I knew were fucking other white women because they would show me pictures of them together.

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Just better that way even though my friends wouldnt care, i dont want my lifestyle topic of conversation. Most youngs dont know of lifestyle.. however more and more on college campuses and even some high school interracial dating is at a all time HIGH