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any other sexy sluts want to be married to a white cuckold & have black babies ?

I think more and more couples are starting to think this way. But I think we need to include that black men deserve ALL of the women, i.e. Hispanic, Asian, etc. although I do like the emphasis on phasing out white men.
I'm white and my wife is Hispanic. I'm doing my best to encourage her to become black-cock only. I do have to apologize as a cuckold for doing something I shouldn't have...my wife had a black lover recently that we both agreed could have unprotected sex with her and leave it up to him whether he pulls out or not. I told her that if she got pregnant I would love the baby as my own. Unfortunately he had to leave for a month and during that time I came in her several times and ended up getting her pregnant myself. Oops! Hopefully on our next baby I can do a better job of keeping my useless white dick out of her (which will be 100% easier if she chooses to ONLY have sex with the superior race)
Fortunately we are having a girl so in 18 years hopefully she makes the right choices ;)