any other sexy sluts want to be married to a white cuckold & have black babies ?

If white races would have not been so religious and puritanical, they too could have larger cocks . The religious controlled society disallowed nudity for centuries and kept people under a controlled marriage system. This meant that fully clothed men were not chosen because of their cock size. In the jungle the blacks saw in a mans cock size a connection to his virility and masculinity. Modern religions have actually caused the decrease in the white mans penis size, and have done enormous genetic damage to the Europeans, much like inbreeding eventually causes retardation. If continued they would not be able to breed effectively and eventually go extinct. The black race, along with white women, may actually be saving the white race from extinction by blending their DNA with them to produce a more balanced and genetically viable race. It makes a person wonder if this is why nature gives the white women such huge amounts of pleasure to have sex with black men. And, many white men seem to respond positive to it as well - in a magical fashion. As if nature itself is guiding "through instinctual pleasures" - the white man and woman towards her breeding with the black man. Which could very well be of utmost importance to our human survival.
Actually you are wrong. There have been many scientific studies (look them up) and they all show no major differences in overall penis size between the races. Your post reeks of ignorance, please educate yourself.
I am going to add my name to the list of white men who would be happy with interracial children. They would be supported and cared for in a loving home. I don't know about the sissification part of the OP, but with the right partner, I would not rule out ANY dynamic. Open to discussion with single moms or future moms.
Good little cuck boy lol x
I too would have been very happy to have gone down this rout. Years ago, my wife did get pregnant three times by her then Black lovers. The third time was planned by Her and me. Unfortunately she lost all three.

Regarding cock size. My wife has had many lovers, mainly Black. She confirms that they were not all massive and that some of the white men she has been with were bigger than some of the Black Men. However, she also goes on to say that there is a massive difference in attitudes between white and Black Men and Black Men are by far the best.

The problem with white couples having Black babies is that it is still taboo in most societies. There are still many people who wont accept this and this fact stops many couples going down this route.
I have always encouraged this amongst my friends, ex girlfriends etc and it would have been a pleasure for my wife to have produced a Black Baby and yes, I would have looked after the baby as if it were my own without a doubt.

As to me being humiliated and sissfied. If that was what the Black Master and my wife wanted for me why would i not be happy to do it? They are giving me pleasure by being together why would i not try to give them something back?