Am I about to be a cuckold?

It's a long story but I will break it down to the essense.

My friend wants to fuck my wife. We haven't done it yet but we are planning it out now.

He wants me to get a room/pay for the room, he will meet us there on his lunch break from work.

I have to wait outside in the parking lot while he has his way with her for an hour to an hour and 1/2.

He wants 2 or 3 "pops" during his time with her. Does this make me a cuckold?
has your wife had anything to do with the planning, maybe she has already arranged it with your friend and yes you will be a cuckold and this will just be the start of something you have no control over


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Black friend?

And if y'all are planning it and your wife admits to wanting him already be assured both get off, get hot about cuckoldimg you.

While you wait outside they will laugh about your domination, and laugh more knwing you are worried about that.