1. Hotwifewhisper

    Real vs Fantasy

    Hi sexy peeps, Just some observations from a real hot wife and a newbie to the site. As an active hotwife I understand that every person , couple , bull is at a different position in the journey of the lifestyle. I totally understand and respect that. Just some advice if your going to...
  2. C

    Just had the talk with my Gf

    Me and my Gf just had a talk on the phone about going through with the cuckold relationship ❤️ we were on the phone for about an hour and we both came to the conclusion that this is something we want to try. Any experienced cucks have any insights? Any bulls or wife's as well :) we are in the...
  3. cowboy89845

    Afraid of taking the plunge.

    My wife and I have been together 15 years. We are both each other’s first and only partner. Our sex life is good. I’m 7 inches and I’ve seen her have shaking orgasms with me but those have become less and less. I’ve been into IR content since hs. First dabbling here and there and eventually...
  4. toofunforfun

    How to get my girlfriend Blacked?

    Any tips on how to get my girlfriend Blacked?
  5. C

    How to hint to a friend you are a wannabe cuck?

    Hey y’all I’m just putting this question out because I have been friends with a girl for quite some time and we’ve sexted a little but I think it would be hot telling her/hinting that I’m a cuck. This thought recently came to me when she was showing me these text from guys trying to fuck her. If...
  6. QueenieC

    Question: small cock cages

    Please can some experience people help me? I want to buy these for my husband and I need advice. I've heard these can sometimes cause for your urination to trickle down the b*llsack. That's very unhygienic. Do these particular cages prevent that? Also, how many months can I make him wear...
  7. toofunforfun

    Advice on Hotwife Conversation

    My girlfriend saw I was liking posts from Hotwives on social media then got mad with jealousy. She said she doesn't think she is as hot as them and that she's not enough for me if I want that. I then said I fantasize about her being that woman and tried to work in the Hotwife conversation. She...
  8. travelingcucko

    How long did it take your wife to ******* with another man

    So long story short, wife and I have been discussing it for a few years but it feels like we never realllly had great opportunities! We capitalised on the few we had but she never went all the way. We (dirty) talked about finding a guy on tinder, B2W, or going to a swingers club but to be...
  9. toofunforfun

    Is it better to start with swinging before going to IR?

    Looking to get into watching my wife with BBC. Is it better to start with vanilla swinging before getting into BBC?
  10. S

    Sexual awakening or Porn addiction

    I hope this is the right place to ask, I dont know where else to ask. This is about my experience since I found out about the lifestyle and how im processing it all. Im mostly looking for advice as im sure many other must have gone through the same. For context Im 25 and so is my gf. We've been...
  11. BlackJaguar007

    Know Your Slut/hot Wife - Helping New Wanna Be Bulls

    Just simple advices from experience with various couples for long term if you really like your couple some might agree some not but I hope it help that's the main purpose after all to have all the parties enjoy to the max ;) When a woman finds a man who can eat pussy, (cunnilingus) she's found...
  12. S

    We’re so close, need help getting there

    After 3+ years of role play, my wife finally shared with me that there’s a guy she’d be open to fucking. She’s known him for 8 years, formerly through work. She’s very attracted to him and has started bringing him up during role play. On Saturday, they got together for day drinks and she...
  13. B

    Making my FWB want to cuckold me

    Recently reconnected with a long time FWB. The last few months I’ve trained myself to cum at the sight of anything interracial, most of the time prematurely. I’ve been hinting at the fact I won’t last as long and how I want to watch her with a guy whose bigger than me. She’s actually really...
  14. ATL2NYCuck

    How to introduce chastity (non-cuck couple) advice

    Hey all, Just curious on if anyone has advice on introducing chastity in the marriage. We are not a cuck couple...I obviously want to be, but wife is fairly vanilla. Honesty is always the best policy, but outside of just point-blank telling her to lock my dick up and make me do all the...
  15. ATL2NYCuck

    Wifey & Toys

    Hey all - I just wanted some advice on introducing my wife to dildos/vibrators. We are a young couple and have been married for 5 years, but we were high school sweethearts. Sadly, I have been the only sexual partner for her and she has always been on the shy side as she tends to be very...
  16. D

    Finally brought it up with my wife

    After months of dropping small hints and comments. I finally steered the conversation so that I could reveal my thoughts. She was receptive at first, hearing me out. But eventually started saying things like "you're all I need", "isn't that just cheating?", and "I'm not sure about that". After...
  17. MyTravis9

    New hot wife feeling rejected. Now what?

    I'm in my mid 30's and BBW. Boyfriend was very open and informative from day 1 helping me to understand the cuckold/sissy/chastity world. I spent my 20's full filing every sexual fantasy I could so even though I had vanillaed up (A LOT) in my 30's, I was able to open up to the idea fairly...
  18. S

    Told I must wear condom... that came out of nowhere

    Last night, I mentioned to my wife that I’d like to focus only on pleasing her for the next few weeks (ie I go down on her and she doesn’t need to reciprocate). While I didn’t call out denial, it’s kinda what I implied. Fast forward to today and she mentions to me that we can have sex but only...
  19. S

    Next steps bringing up again after a year

    Over a year ago, I brought up my cuckold/hotwife fantasy. At the time, she sorta brushed it off and said that while it could be hot (glimmer of hope?), it’s not something we’d ever do. Since we talked about it last year, I’ve laid low not bringing it back up. How should I bring it back up again?
  20. B

    Top 5 leuke clubs?

    Groetjes, Blackk