1. Realhunt

    Bull with queen's

    Hello was wondering if any other bulls bring the wife, girlfriend etc with them to meet cuckold couple. My wife like to watch from the sideline while I have my way with cu Cucks wife. She sometimes have the cuck eat her out spank them etc. Cuckolds do yall enjoy being submissive black man and...
  2. O

    My Cuck Future?

    Hello, tomorrow is the big day and my girlfriend will hopyfully finally have sex with a real man - a black man :):sex: Now I guess things are going to change in the relationship between me and her. Do you guys have any advices for me how to behave or what to do in future to make sure she loves...
  3. C

    Cuckold motivation

    Hey so I’m the closest I have been in years of being cucked and by a local woman. She seems amazing and is really into it. We haven’t gone on a date yet but already we seem perfect. She wants me to film her get fucked. I’m excited but there is a side of me that wants to believe that if I try...
  4. Jamspliff

    Indirect HotWife Conversion thru Wife's best friend?

    So...first post by longtime lurker. My wife Marie and I are into interracial cuckold fantasy play (mostly if we've both been drinking), but it's uneven-I'm WAY more into it than she is. Usually we have fairly straightforward sex but when she lowers her inhibitions and plays along she lets me...
  5. G

    First Cuckolded at an Older Age

    About a year ago, my wife renewed her acquaitance with a BBC she had met twenty years ago. Not having any for that long, she tried it. In the interim period, both had changed and it was not exciting to her as she remembered it. I even posted about it here. Now, here we are one year later. She...
  6. M

    How to proceed with wife?

    I know there are tons of tutorials out there on this. However, I am at a point with my wife where I am not sure how to move forward. She is an x-bartender and she has told me many times that black men are interested in her and told me how they hit on her when bartending. She is blonde with big...
  7. DomBrownBull

    Advice on how to get girlfriend to become a QoS

    Hey, me and my girlfriend have an amazing relationship. We are young (both under 25). We like to dominate couples together, we love to engage in threesomes and we like to experiment. I was experienced with the cuckold lifestyle before I met her and have cucked a lot of couples. But since I met...
  8. S

    Should I give out gf number?

    My gf is considering the lifestyle.. after weeks of trying to convince her.. she said she will consider it maybe but she has to think about it.. I was thinking of giving out her number to bulls (Craigslist post or dating app) without her really knowing .. I think either she will be like "uhh...
  9. interracial-lover

    ladies be honest, would this work if a guy tried this in abar/ night club, why or why not?

    you see two girls dancing next to each other they are friends and you have a crush on one of them, what do you say? Maybe I'd ask her friend "confusing her to another person". It's an old and bad trick, but maybe it might work. That way maybe there is a chat. Just come up with a random name like...
  10. H

    Advice for Newbs; Right for Us?

    We are asking these questions in good faith, even if it may seem critical to some. I have the fantasy of mfm with my fiancee of 4 years and seeing her with another man and she has always had a touch of jungle fever so it is natural that we would find ourselves here. We've talked about it at...
  11. C

    New here, have a question

    I am a 26yo white male, my wife is 27 and average buid, sexy build, big ass, just the right amount of thick. We have been married about 4 years now, with 2 children. Which led her to be extremely selfconcious about her body. Years before we married I have been obsessed with having a BBC slut...
  12. Wannabecuck1989

    Girlfriend comments on how she likes black men dance/move . Am I right in thinking sexual attraction

    Is this sexual attraction or does she generally just like how some black guys move ? Thoughts please especially from female perspective ! Thanks
  13. S

    New Bull advice

    Hey everyone ! I'm new to the scene and I'm looking for my first *white couple. I'm in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area, and I feel like there's tons of folks out here who are in to this but I have no idea how to find them. I'm hoping someone on BTW, whether an experienced bull, couple or...
  14. Dark Secret

    Want to know how to make your sweet wife want bbc

    This page have the best advise I think
  15. Freespirit1

    Advice for taking a big one

    So, there is a probable canidate for my first taste of chocolate!! He sent a few pictures... I am wondering the BEST position for the first entry. He is definitely going to have to start with just the tip & slowly work it in. Tips, advice, and suggestions from the experts, please!! Thank...
  16. N

    ANY Advice Appreciated

    Hey, So.. I'm 30 years old, Male, mixed (half black/white), About 7 inches fully erect, Married for 5 years (wife is mixed too, but 75% white, most wouldn't know she was mixed), Started watching cuckold porn, Ended up quite obsessed. Don't really watch anything else anymore. Think it...
  17. SeduceMyGirlKzoo

    Ladies: Favorite Toy?

    I want to get my wife a new vibe for X-Mas. I don't want to get a King Kong dong and scare the hell out of her before I can even get her into the lifestyle, so BBC dildos likely won't happen. In the past she's preferred the standard (stick) vibrators. I was leaning toward rabbit or one of...