Why (how) our wive's go black.

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    When my wife finally admitted that she was fucking black guys at work I asked her how it all stared, she told me that one of the guys hit on her constantly and would say things to her that made her start thinking about trying black cock....After his constant flirting she said she gave in and went to lunch with him one day and it didn't take long for him to make a move on her. Before she knew it he was rubbing her leg near her pussy and kissing her while they were in the parking lot and where they was supposed to go to lunch, she said he had her so hot that she took his cock out of his pants and sucked him off for lunch the next day they went to his apartment where they were in bed the rest of the afternoon.

    Point I am making is this, if black guys want our wive's married white pussy, keep flirting with them don't stop until they give in and soon you'll have most of them in bed. My wife says now its like they know she's a black cock slut because they all hit on her at work, hummmmmm??
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    My wife works at a bakery its male dominated and she does the more delicate jobs like pastry etc. She had allot of the same treatment from her head chef 45 and black as coal. I met him briefly and he made quite a few cryptic comments like "he was taking my wife under his wing" and "she had the best buns in the kitchen". My wife looked very flustered so I asked her later and found out that the comments he made when I wasn't around were far more direct.

    I left it at that but secretly lusted away not puttng pressure on my wife. After checking her email a couple weeks later i found a series of pictures. My wife is young petite and very submissive. She was in different sets of underwear and quite an array of pictures so its obviously happened on several occasions. Most were of him and one of the other guys there and another probably taking the pictures and many more of him and my wife alone. They are in head chefs office where theres a fold out couch i guess.

    I have never seen my wife like this with me the look on her face says it all. She looks very horny and willing. Her chef is well hung probably 10 inches and a little thicker than a redbull can. She seems happier around the house so I havent said anything about it. Under the pics is just a short comment and kiss saying "hope you like the pictures next time il have to bring the baster". Im not planning on saying a word until she does and love being secretly cuckholded by her.

    The other week she tackled me when she came home and seemed fixated on me going down on her. She was red with swollen pussylips and i could tell she had recently been fucked even though i said nothing. She had beads in which i took out and began to wonder if they capped her off and sent her home to me. She was full of very thick white cum that was so thick. I loved knowing it was their seed and that my wife seemed to pick up on my surfing habits.

    I am sure she has seen what I am into and look at allot of black/asian IR porn.. She knows i have access to her email also.

    She pulled my head down and fed me it was salty but horny as fuck knowing what they had my wife do. She never said a word but took a few pics obviously to show chef she served me his special sauce. After I ate her I slid inside and felt her pussy I can tell it becoming a bit looser as she accomdates their cocks.

    I know it sounds awful but they pay her for extra hours too. i find that gorgeous and I am sure this guy hired my wife hoping for this and she is a very good cook. So yes coaxing does seem to work and my wife looks well and truly turned by it.
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    My wife is a petite Latina and I am really trying to get her to fuck a black guy. She works in a public place so I know there are lots of black guys that come in and I am sure they want to use her pussy like it should be. When she gets into sex she is such a little slut and loves to ride a cock. I would love to open her pussy lips to get that cock in her. I can always imagin and dream of the day I come home and lick her pussy to find some BBC cum in her pink lips.
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    My girlfriend of 6yrs went black while we were "broken up" for I weeks. She confessed, telling me he was black and he would take her to hotels since he was 23 & living at gome and she 28. She never told me details but to know he fucked her every which way and to know he must have came so hard and deep inside her many times over 8wks still makes me cum hard to think about. And I know she must have sucked his cock so hard, probably rode him deep so she could orgasm too. She told me after "3 times with him" he said he loved her (which we know is b-shat). The hot thing is I know there was a lot of intimacy, kissing, passion since it was all new. Plus knowing he must have fucked her so hard an deep while she was in heat for his bbc, her first.
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    my wife Maggie after a boozy night out in london with her friends found out that three out of ten had been blacked , two had told their husbands and one not.
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    Very amazing. .and hot..what submission by both..
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