Why black guys loves fuck white wife??

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    I'm wondering what's the most interesting thing that the black guys loves while they are fucking a white wife in front her husband....I'm so freaking curious....and if you black guys prefer letting the husband Join or watch only???I'm an white husband and I don't know why I love sharing my wife with others especially with bigger cock than mine....but turn me on imagine my wife with 3,4,5 guys at the same time getting fucked for hours while I'm watching after cum in 10 minutes.... 2181132001_8a40ee4c78.jpg this pic is how I wish to try at least once...
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    When i am fucking that married woman and her husband is watching , The fist thing i do is make sure that the husband see,s this BBC going in his wife and i make him look into her eyes as i push deeper and deeper into his ole lady , as i begin to fuck her ... it turns me on to look over and the hubby is running all kinds of thoughts threw his mind , to make a long story shot that husband know that his wife has been through a war after this monster Cock ......
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    Hope u come in my dream.
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    nothing sweeter than watching ur wife been fucked by a superior big black cock
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    One of the reasons is that our black bull loves to show his power over a white couple. He likes to black my wife.

    When she got pregnant by him, he said that he had blacked her for life. And you might say he is right.

    Another reason is the my wife is quite attractive.

    He talks about defeating me, but nevertheless we are quite good friends.

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