Whose Needs are We Talking About?


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I am a cuckoldress because I have sex with other men whether my husband likes it or not.

I am also a cuckoldress because my husband, for some reason that I find astounding and hard to imagine, gets off on the fact that someone else is fucking his wife.

There is an important distinction to make here and I think that it’s about who’s needs are being met.

What do you think?


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Actually, it's about both of your needs being met.
As you noted, you enjoy having sex with other men and your husband enjoys that you do it. Your husband is a willing cuckold. Win-win.

Many men may have strong desires to be submissive to their wives and enjoy doing whatever they can to give her pleasure, but they don't necessarily want to share her with another man. In those cases, if the wife decides to enjoy sex with other men, her husband will become a reluctant cuckold who is accepting his wife's infidelity in service to her.
Oddly, this situation is still a win-win for many couples as, even though he is being cuckolded reluctantly, the husband is still serving his wife's pleasure, which is his desire and he is able to accept her need by rationalizing that doing so is part of his service to her.

For those that absolutely can not accept his wife cuckolding him, it won't matter that her needs are being met as their relationship will most likely disintegrate.