What's your number and is there such a thing as too many sexual partners?

Your number of sexual partners

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Real Person
I'm a 34 years old black man and have stopped counting how many women I've slept with but I'd say my number is easily 60 to 70 women if not more. At one point I tried to make a list of every woman I fucked from Yahoo Messenger. The list stopped at 48 and I know there were women I was forgetting and that's just yahoo girls. I've had several long term relationships and plenty of women from "real life", probably somewhere in the range of 20 women. Other than that I've been with one woman from this site (so far) and one from SLS

I've read that the average number of partners in a lifetime is 4 for women and 7 for men which seems shockingly low. My number is most likely pretty rare for someone not in the porn industry. Is there any number too high for a man? I don't think so.