What to do?

I am a 37 year old male married to a very sexy woman. Our vanilla sex life dried up some time ago due to my lack of size and her lack of interest. It seems that every time we go out we see couples that involve a white woman and a black man. My wife has made a number of comments and they have all been positive. To my surprise I found myself turned on by thoughts of her with another man. I finally asked her if she thought any of these women were married that we had been seeing. She then pointed out a number of wedding rings to me. She said many of these couples were probably married to each other but many were not. She asked me once how I felt about that and I noticed a smile as she was teasing me. I told her that I thought it was all OK as long as everybody agreed to what was going on.

The past year has been one of the two of us talking from time to time as above. The sex life has been me going down on her only. I began looking up some things and have been drawn to cuckolding sites. Finally I came across this site and was really excited about some of the posts and pictures. I read the posts about advice, especially the latest by Jibstar and vowed to try it. I asked my wife if I could get some porno for us to watch and she said OK. She is not turned on by this kind of stuff as a rule but all of the porno I got was black male, white woman stuff. She watched without comment but seemingly studied things. Finally after a few evenings she laughed and asked me what was up. I told her that I felt the best sex tapes came from black men. Her response to me was that maybe that was because they were the best men. I was floored when she said that as I had never known she had those kind of thoughts.

I finally told her two weeks ago that I wanted to admit to her that I was inadequate in the man department and that I felt it would be healthy for our marriage for her to consider dating and sleeping with other men. She was upset about this and seemed to think it was because I wanted to cheat. I have spent the last week reassuring her that this was not the case. She finally settled down and a couple of nights ago brought the subject up on her own. She said she would maybe consider it but that if something happened she wanted my promise that I would not play the blame game. I promised repeatedly that I would not. She then told me that if anything happened that she would be the one to pick the man. I then told her that I was ok with that but that part of me hoped that the man would be black. This sparked a response form her that this was me trying to control her choices and so forth. I finally asked her why she did not want to be with a black man and her response was "Who said I did not. I was talking about you wanting me to be with a man and then trying to tell me which man. To be with a black man. That would be a dream for most white women. But look at numbers. There are a lot more white women then black men and I doubt they would be interested in me." Now my wife is on the thin side, blonde with bouncy breasts and very pretty. I told her that I did not know where the insecurity came from. She told me she did not know either but that maybe the whole idea was crazy. She asked me why I was so interested in black men and I really had no answer to that. She said that she thought I should think about that and be able to come up with some answers.

I am writing for some serious advice. My wife does not know how to dress or act or where to go. She is on the brink of calling all of this off. I need some answers and need to find some way to reassure her. I am excited now by thinking of her with another man that is not tiny like me. A real man. I know she would really open up then but there seems to be a roadblock. Sorry for the lengthy post and please let me know if this is not the right place for something like this.
Hi, Read your post sounds like you love your wife so much that you are more worried about her being satisfied with sex that you are willing to do this. You have to sit down with her and put all your cards on the table and reassure her that you are doing this out of love and her and her well being. As for you you may have a secret desire to see her with a black man and if that is the case good for you. It appears from your post you are going to be in the same room when this comes about as a spectator. instead of just looking and getting off watching why not assure her you will join in. If you are not interested in sucking her lovers cock you can do other things like kissing her sucking on her breasts and touching her while she is having sex with the other man.
Be caeful what you wish for? you may get it. She may take a lover n leave you, she may not let u be involved. she may divorce you n take all of your money. or she may let you both just have fun and it may lead to a new and wonderful part of your lives. Just check does she love you n will she staty with you and respect u ?
Be caeful what you wish for? you may get it. She may take a lover n leave you, she may not let u be involved. she may divorce you n take all of your money. or she may let you both just have fun and it may lead to a new and wonderful part of your lives. Just check does she love you n will she staty with you and respect u ?
Thank you for the replies. I felt energized after posting yesterday and ended up talking to my wife again. We watched a couple of IR porno last night and I made sure to tell her that the number of pictures like this is endless. She asked why that would be the case and I told her that I thought that women in general are sexually repressed and that modern women are getting rid of that and getting what they want and need. So I told her that a woman having sex outside the marriage is now fairly normal and no big deal. She asked about men doing this and I told her that I thought there were alpha males and beta males. The alpha males are interested in their own sexual pleasure and the beta males are interested in the pleasure of the woman who is in their life. I told her that I had been frustrated at trying to be an alpha and now know I am beta- all the way. My wife seemed interested in all of this and complimented me on having obviusly spent some time in figuring this out. She then told me that she continued to worry that I wanted her to do this so that I could see other women. I reminded her that I am very tiny in the man department and she laughed when I said that and nodded. I then asked her why we had stopped having sex and she refused to answer but after some time admitted because I was just too small to make it work for her. I asked her if she had fantasized about other men and she reluctantly said she did frequently. I then told her that I was giving my word that I would never ever approach another woman regardless of what she did. I also told her that as a symbol of my sincerity that I wanted our sex life to be limited to me going down on her, at times decided by her (this is what we do now anyways). Finally I said to her that with all of the love in my heart I wanted her to be with other men and I honestly felt that the more of this she did, the more repect and love I would have for her. I put all of my cards on the table last night. This has been coming for more than a year. It was time.

I was thrilled last night because my wife was taking this seriously. After some time she told me that she "might" be interested in this but that we would agree to call this off up until the time she slept with another man. I immediately jumped on this and told her that I agreed but I added "Once you do the deed the agreement is permanent. Assuming it is good for you. Agreed?" We actually shook hands on this. She then pointed to the movie which had been going on in the background and was kind of laughing. She said to me "I wonder if you have any ideas about the kind of man you want to take my virginity?" We both laughed at that but I hastened to add that in some ways she was a virgin. I then told her that I felt very small around black men and that I felt that this combination of a black man and a white woman seemed to be the new normal. It just seems such a natural fit. She surprised me to some extent by agreeing with me but went on to explain to me (again) that there were more white women who wanted black men then there were black men who wanted a specific woman. She then went on about how she was too skinny and there were so many women out there to compete with and so forth. I told her that she was a beauty and I feel she is. I told her she would be especially beautiful in the arms of a strong black man.I told her that we could dream. I offererd to help her on a shopping spree and she finally agreed saying that it "might be time to put the goods on display."

I think she is going to go through with this but remain worried she may back out. I would prefer for this to be black men only and I know deep down that she really wants that to be the case but for some reason she is afraid she may not be able to attract the right kind of man. I want for her to cement the deal right away but want her first experience to be special. Should I stay out of her choice? Should she settle for some white guy or wait for the first experience to be with the right man? I am thrilled to have her go this far in talking but one bad experience could ruin it all. I know that.

I would appreciate any thoughts about this. Also any advice, especially from women, as to how she should dress, where do we go, and how I should interact so as to not be in the way. This is about her sex life and my cuckolding. Thank you to those who can help and I hope this is the right place to get this kind of advice.