What could I do?


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More than 10 years ago, when my wife Susie and her ex black boyfriend started to have some problems in their relationship, she was my best female friend then.
We were working together in the same building and we used to talk a lot, about different topics, so I realized Susie was having some troubles with her boyfriend.
She told me Axel was overlooking their relationship, due he was more interested in hobbies than her. So she decided give him a lesson: she refused to have sex with him, until he would have demonstrated that he changed his mind.
Some days after that conversation, it was on Monday, she told me that they had been 5 months without sex and Axel was desperate. She wished have sex too, (she really needed it) but she was not going to allow him to touch her.
The previous day (the Sunday) they had gone to a park to take a sunbath. She was lying over a deck chair and he tried several times, to go over her to have sex, despite they were in a public park! He was really unstoppable, but Susie kicked him out all the times (Susana is stronger and taller than him so he couldn't force her to have sex). Then she went back to her home.
The next Saturday, the situation was even worse, because they were close to explode due the excitation.
Susie was watching TV over Axel's single bed. He went beside Susie and started to caress her boobs. She allowed him to do it. It encouraged Axel to continue doing that. He held her t-shirt and took it off. Axel reached her nipples and started to lick them. That was all what Susana could resist!
She begged Axel to fuck her. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing! After 5 months without sex, he finally was going to fuck her!
Axel didn’t need any kind of stimulus due his dick was as hard as a steel bar. He went over Susie and they fucked in missionary.
I say “fuck” due they really fucked rather than “make the love” because they were extremely excited.
Just imagining Axel putting his wonderful black cock inside my wife’s pussy in that moment turns me on a lot!
Could you imagine, just for one moment, the immense pleasure and relief that they had to feel when they finally could fuck?
Susana told me that she wrapped her legs around him, while he reached her boobs and nipples to kiss, bite and lick them.
They cummed immediately and Susie told me she enjoyed it a lot. They really needed it.
She didn’t tell me if he cummed inside her pussy or not, but I’m sure she allowed Axel to do it because they were so excited. Moreover, he could masturbate himself a lot of times, along that long period without fuck Susie, but he wished fuck her, so I think he filled her pussy at last.
Taking in count Axel’s virility and potential and the fact they were 5 months without sex, their respective orgasms had to be incredible!
I would have loved be there watching them fuck that Sunday, but it was impossible because Susie and me were only friends then.
Despite that amazing fuck, Susie and Axel couldn’t go on with their relationship, and some weeks later she was going out with me.
Now my problem is I would like them to repeat their hot experience, in front of mine. But it wouldn’t be the same due they already have fucked the last year.
The last time Axel fucked Susie in front of me, was more than 7 months ago and it was so hot. They fucked wildly standing by behind and Susana cummed 4 times during the fuck, despite we had been fucking some hours before.
I could beg him do not have sex during some months, to finally accord an encounter with Susie and me later…
Moreover I would like they fuck over my car too, beside a lonely way...but I don't know. Try to repeat old experiences is not easy.