What are you searching for on this site?

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What are you searching for on this site?

  1. Enjoy the pictures

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  2. Nice conversation

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  3. Discreet fun

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  4. A mate

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  5. Wife's bbc

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  6. Hubby's entertainment

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  1. I've ran into a lot of members on here that I talk to and see that we both have a different purpose for being on this site. Some are on here because it is one of a few sites that they can use to pleasure themselves, some are here to find someone they can meet for fun. With this confusion I think a lot of members should state where they are from and there reason for being on this site.
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    Calvin, I think this site does a pretty good job breaking down the areas of interest ...
    • Interracial Forum
    • Interracial Photos
    • Interracial Dating
    The problem seems to be getting individuals to use the appropriate section(s) for their postings. I rarely, if ever, go into the "dating" area, and clearly state, in my profile, that I'm a white male and not looking to pimp out my wife to black men. But, every day my inbox gets hit with guys wanting to hook up with my wife.
    What I see is a larger than normal number of white, bisexual males either posing as interested married couples looking OR white males wanting to be cuckolds or slave to a black master ... rather silly crap if you ask me.
    I can see how this would frustrate and annoy real black males that are looking to hook up with white females, and if I was a black male, here, I'd probably not have a very favorable view of many of the white males, either ... :confused: But, then again, there are a lot of fake, black males ... no black man, here, seems to have a dick shorter than 9 inches or so ... isn't this site so fortunate? :rolleyes:
  3. That is true but even in that case more people need to be truthful... I've had a few people pose to be interested in meeting as a means only to get off on my conversation
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