This site got my wife her 1st BBC!


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I originally joined this site with no expectations of her actually getting BBC. I figured I would just chat some about it and show her pics off a bit. I never even intended to tell her about the site. My desire to see her fucked had me showing her pics of guys that I wanted to see her with. With a lot of persistence and patience she finally agreed to try. Then it was a matter of finding the right guy who she would be attracted to. This was no easy task since she is so picky and was basically not attracted to any black man. Thankfully, her pics on here attracted a lot of well hung and some good looking guys for me to show her. A couple guys proved to be fakes unfortunately which was no help at all. But finally we met someone genuine on here and after chatting a lot, we met at a hotel. I will post more details later. She is also writing a story about it from her point of view for me(us). Here is a vid cap of her experience.