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    I was cleaning out a closet the other day and came across a photo album. I found a picture of me and an old boy friend. It instantly took me back to the experience.

    He and I had dated for about a month. He was tall, strong build and very intelligent. I thought I had gotten really lucky and was hopping things would work out. One night we had gone out to dinner and took a nice romantic walk on the water and then back to my apartment. We kissed a bit and he finally made a move. We kissed and fondled as we stripped each other of our cloths. He laid me back on my bed and kissed and massaged all the right places. Then he rolled on his back. His cock was average at best, but it stood strong. I kissed my way down and gently stroked it for him. I was about to give him a nice blow job when it happened. I hadn't even stroked it 5 or 6 times and he exploded into the air. I was a little shocked but helped him cum as much as possible. Instantly it went soft. I tried to stroke and tease it hard again. After about 5 minutes of trying, he simply kissed me and said thanks and went to get cleaned up. Coming out of the bathroom he kissed me good night and left.

    I just figured it was a one time thing and that it was because he hadn't had any action in a while. Till our next date. This time I wanted to make sure he knew I wanted him. I teased him all through dinner and had him good and hard as we climbed into the car to head back to my place again. As we drove, I reached over to tease him. Then the unbelievable. As we drove, I stroked it another 5-6 times, in his pants, and he moaned and I watched as a wet stain formed in his pants. When we got back to my apartment he kissed me good night and said thanks.

    That was it. I never saw him again after that. No way I was going to go out with a guy who came so quickly and who had absolutely no regard to my needs or desires.

    What I was wondering is if anyone else could share similar or maybe even worse experiences? What was your most pathetic lover like? What made the situation to pathetic?
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    Could he have licked you in order to make it up to you.

    That was such a sad story. He needed help lol I guess you're too hot for him!?
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    Probably the whole not caring for your needs thing was a bluff to disguise how inadequate he felt. He had probably been in the situation countless times and had felt very vulnerable at that moment. Probably had girls who had made fun of him before. The attitude he had adopted was like armor against humiliation.
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    SweetHoney, I think you answered your own query in your opening comments and I quote, " ............... out to dinner and took a nice romantic "walk on the water" and then back to my apartment."

    That guy dated COULD WALK ON WATER! Was he carrying a Bible! If so I can only say "You better get down on your knees and pray!" You may have had been dated by .. never mind, I'm too scared to go there! :help:
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    damn... that suxx