Such a treat I had to share


Real Person
I got a first over the weekend and it was such a treat I had to share it with everyone. My wife went out with a few of her girl friends on Saturday night. As usual she came home late. I was already asleep and she came in and undressed. As I lay asleep, she began teasing me to wake me up. It didn't take long before I awoke with a huge hard on. After some foreplay, I asked what I could do for her, she told me I could have anything I wanted accept for put it in her.

I was excited. One of my favorite things to do is rub her body with oil so I grabbed the oil and began coating her chest with it. I was in heaven straddling her waist rubbing oil into her tits and chest and neck. As I leaned forward to oil her neck my rock hard cock stroked against her tits. She reached up and squeezed my cock between her tits. Before long my cock was coated with oil from her tits.

She then told me to stroke it for her. Once again I was in heaven performing for my sexy wife. Before long she looked in my eyes and told me to cum. I could avoid it and I started cumming. I shot cum all over her tits and neck and even her chin. It was a huge load and it was so wonderful.

She has never in 17 years let me cum on her tits let alone anywhere near her face. I am hard just thinking about it again. Such a privilege and a pleasure.