Startling Revelation


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Several years back when I was in college I started hanging out with a group of people, one of whom became my wife, Jill. It was just a collection of people from the same residence and college who became friends. After a few months I started dating Jill and we eventually married. One of the guys in the group was a big, black guy named Christopher. He was an interesting character whom many of the girls were interested in, but that was about it.

We used to go to the gym together and Chris made quite an impression in the shower. His cock hung half way down to his knee and all the guys would tease him about his massive dong and how the ladies must love it. He just laughed it off. Through a series of jokes and jibes, the women of the group also knew about Chris' large endowment.

About five years after Jill and I were married, we were lying in bed one evening and for some reason she decided she had to come clean about her prior lovers. I didn't think she was totally inexperienced when we first met, but I wasn't ready for what she told me.

"You remember Chris from college," she said in an almost apologetic tone of voice.

"Yeah, of course, I do," I replied, "why?"

"Well, something happened one night," she replied.

I immediately knew where this was going and felt my stomach begin to churn. "What happened?" I asked, knowing the answer that was about to come.

"Well," Jill said meekly, "he gave me a ride home one night and we ended up in bed."

"You fucked him?" I blurted out.

"Yes," she replied.

"When we had started dating?" I shot back.

"Yes, I just thought you had a right to know."

Here I not only find out my wife had cheated on me even if it was before we were married, but with a black guy with a huge ten inch cock!

Neither of us mentioned the size of his dick but we were both thinking the same thing. We never talked about it again and it took me a long time to get over it. Now I often think of it and masturbate to the image of my lovely wife getting bred by that huge black dick!