She is ready but still reluctant. Any Sugestions?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by master303, Jan 31, 2011.

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    She has been had by a black man once several years ago. She really enjoyed it but is seriously reluctant to do it again. I think she is reluctant because it doesn't fit with her image of herself as "the good wife". I am not a "cuckhold" husband. I am an "alpha" male and either participate or just watch - like to do it either way. Won't force her to do it so am looking for a guy who knows how to seduce a reluctant but ready woman. Any suggestions? We are in the Denver area.

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    Message me, I have experience guiding couples in this.

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    Most of the women I have bedded over the years were "the good wife" they wanted something extra. For the most part they all gave the impression of conservative middle or upper class America. One way to initiate her is to find a swingers group, they generally have mixers a few times a year where a rookies can test the waters in a low pressure way. The is a good chance that you could meet someone that could recommend a bull to bring her back to the IR fold.