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she finally got blacked

my wife has finall had a big black and cant believe how many times she cum , she now wants more have i started something i cant control . she has only been with me .
Love it, my wife is a bbc virgin, but the other night whilst we were fucking she said that she would not mind getting fucked by a black guy.
she keeps going to see him and when i want to fuck her she says shes to tired , he barebacks her and shoots cum up her pussy ,she will end up knocked up


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Good for her!
There is nothing that you can control, so relax and enjoy the ride! :)

If you are concerned about her getting knocked up, you need to talk to her about it and find out her feelings about becoming pregnant and having a bi-racial baby. This needs to be a serious discussion as she needs to really contemplate the issues that would affect not only you and herself, but more importantly, what would be best for the baby. Unless both of you are truly desirous of raising a baby and prepared to accept all of the challenges, she needs to get on birth control ASAP! :unsure: