Question For Ladies: Does boxing turn you on?

Colin Cowherd on ESPN this morning said that he has covered all kinds of athletic events in the last several years. Cowherd says that without question, the most tense time is the few minutes before a boxing match starts-especially a heavyweight championship bout. He said the combination of violence, the Vegas-betting aspect, especially if the bout is in Vegas, the fact of two gladiators facing off-all of this created a tenseness that even a Super Bowl does not bring.
Cowherd was not addressing the sexual aspect of this. For ladies that are boxing fans, does the violence are other aspects turn you on? I would especially like to hear from any ladies that have attended a heavy weight bout. Since most females on here are into interracial, did a black boxer in particular ring your bells?
The real young people on here are probably not familiar with the black Hall of Fame football player Jim Brown. He was also an action star in movies in the 70s and 80s.
In his autobiography, Brown on Brown, he said that athletes got finer women, on average, than movies stars. Brown said that most movie stars were not all that great looking without makeup, and were often little, scrawny guys. Plus, ladies realized that the athletes did not get to make multiple takes, and appeared more virile.
But Brown also said, that without a doubt, the rock stars, mostly of whom are skinny white guys, got the best looking women, even better than the outstanding athletes. Brown had accompanied musical friends on tour just for kicks, and based his opinion on what he had observed.
But I am primarily interested in comments about what, if anything, attending a big-time boxing match does for the ladies.