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Public pickups


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Yes. A very well built fella just straight up hit on me. "I know your married but..."; kind of conversation. I gave him my number and that Sunday Stephen and he Stephen were watching the game while I entertained him. Then Stephen went to work.

I'm telling you, malls during the day are black man hunting at it's finest
so true


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I get hit on everywhere and yes they see Im married cause of the big rock on my finger but they never seem to care.They usually pick me up or at least get my number and they fuck me later!I like the really agressive and imaginative guys that lure me into the big empty mall restroom and fuck me long and fast and hard and explode and bust their nutt in my pussy and then take my number and fuck me again later ;)


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This come-on line works really well:

"I'm not meaning to come on to you, but, you are a very attractive lady." Wait for response, and if she smiles and/or says "thank you", then say "you get a man's mind to working."
I would like to hear some stories about black guys picking up women in public places. Like the store or gas station etc. I have had a few guys looking at me when I am out shopping but nothing more has happened, I find it exciting when it happens and wonder if more ever goes on.
I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes I get leered at...and feel like touching myself or rocking my shoulders in a way to invite them to escalate.....and I always chicken out.