Your wife is getting fucked hard by a big black bull. Would you ...

  • leave the room

    Votes: 6 3.0%
  • Beg her to stop

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • Sit and watch

    Votes: 72 35.5%
  • Jack off

    Votes: 63 31.0%
  • Hold her hand

    Votes: 55 27.1%
  • Tell her how beautiful she looks getting fucked

    Votes: 85 41.9%
  • Encourage her to let go and fuck him hard

    Votes: 103 50.7%
  • Wait in anticipation of cleaning her out

    Votes: 44 21.7%
  • Video them

    Votes: 76 37.4%
  • Try to figure out how you'll ever satisfy her again

    Votes: 16 7.9%

  • Total voters
I would hold her hand, tell her how much she deserves it, and kiss all over her face each time she cums,


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I'd tell her how hot she looks and encourage them both to have a great time and to call me when they wanted some refreshments. Then I'd leave the room so they could enjoy themselves and go start fixing some snacks and drinks for them as I'm sure they would be working up an appetite as well as a thirst. At least I would sure hope they would! :D