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Panty wearing sissy

Hi everyone.

As you can guess i'm new to the site. Closet cuckold wannabe, chronic masturbator and panty wearin sissy. All behind my wifes back!

I'm 43 litlle over weight, thin nearly 6" cock. My wife is 36, blonde, uk size 8/10 and gorgeous. She gets lots of male attention where ever she goes.

I struggle to stay hard when trying to fuck, but when i do manage it i suffer with premature ejaculation. I think 2 minutes is the longest i've lasted in the 10 years. Lots of times i squirted my load over her pussy lips before i've gotten inside her.

I think my cock has gotten smaller and thinner over the last 5 years, this could be to do with my chronic masturbation problem i have. I usually jerk off twice a day, but when i have long periods of time on my hands (or should that be hand? Lol) i can jerk off for 3 or 4 hours at a time. Always to cuckold vids, tranny's, sissy's or masturbating/milking vids.

Love to chat to other like minded cucks and cuck wannabe's. So message me if you'd like to chat.


I ran a period of time like that. Then when I was found jacking off, I was locked up and have been since. I am let out when she feels like watching me jack off, but then I have to eat my cum for being allowed to jack off. I do it now with out even thinking about it. I usually look forward to the treat. Now days I eat anyone's cum out of her pussy, or who evers pussy she tells me to clean out. I also do cock clean up after they are done..