New BBC Bull in Denver

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Which of you ladies is interested?

  1. I am!!!

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  2. Not me. But soon, baby.

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  1. DenverThickBBC

    DenverThickBBC New Member

    I'm a choir boy shedding all that innocence and letting his long-time inner bull finally have its way. I'm looking for some "Snow" in Denver that's trying to get Blacked. It could be just us or in front of your man or a group. Let me know. I'm down.

    Attached a few pics of me in one of my Rings for y'all. They're purely for decoration. I DO NOT NEED THEM! I've noticed they make me look a little stubby when erect, but I like the "Togetherness" when flaccid.

    Ladies, you should know what you'll be getting, so here are some dimensions: 7.25" (non-base pressed, so all of that is in you) in length with 6.125" of Circumference/Girth. These measurements are on a "bad" day. On a good day and I'm ready to put it to you, the cock sits at 7.75" non-base pressed with 6.375" in Circumference/Girth. I am going to light yo pussy UP! Plus, as I meet my fitness goals, even more of the 9" (base pressed) will be exposed. Hop on and have fun, or let me in and I'll do the work.

    See you ladies soon!!!

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  2. Deborahlovebbc

    Deborahlovebbc Member

    White couple here. Will be in denver 6/29 thru 7/3. We both love bbc.