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  1. My heavy morning wood

    My heavy morning wood

    That one day I woke up like this
  2. UKBlackchocolate

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  3. Florida Thick Boy

    Florida Thick Boy

    Just really thick today ...
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    Can’t sleep...cock needs draing , mind of his own
  5. GF ass

    GF ass

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    Woke up needing a lil cute mouth to put this in...
  7. thick dick drills her

    thick dick drills her

    thick dick drills her
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    BBC in mtl ;)
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  12. AvgCouple09

    Anniversary Weekend - Milwaukee

    Hello to all the well equipped Black Daddies out there. As you will see we are a long time married couple living in the Chicago burbs. We will be celebrating our wedding anniversary for the weekend of November 17th in Milwaukee. The wife has a few fantasies that have yet to be explored so I'm...
  13. Body shot

    Body shot

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  17. thick black milk

    thick black milk

  18. Black lover with thick cock

    Black lover with thick cock

    Black lover with thick cock
  19. Stroking my cock

    Stroking my cock

    Had some fun last night, thought I'd film it.
  20. ZantanyBBC

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    Figured it was about time. Hope these work out. Added a third pic.