1. More new lingerie

    More new lingerie

  2. Booty!


    Denver, Colorado hotwife
  3. Philthymoves

    I love morning head!

    Love a white woman who know how to take care of a black man.
  4. NaughtyFembot

    Hotwife looking for a good/regular BBC in Denver Colorado

    Would love to find a good man in Denver, or even a few of them. Met one person from here, but he only travels to Denver. Would love to find some good locals that can handle me on a regular basis!
  5. So big - so fun to suck on

    So big - so fun to suck on

    Denver, Colorado Hotwife
  6. Love using my toungue

    Love using my toungue

  7. Could barely get him in my mouth

    Could barely get him in my mouth

  8. Horny Hotwife!!!

    Horny Hotwife!!!

    Kik Gerthvadorbbc
  9. Oreo making

    Oreo making

    Double stuff Kik Gerthvadorbbc kik
  10. LordGerthVador

    Denver Dick Down

    Attention All Qualified Brothers in Denver!!! There are quite a few lonely unstretched ladies in Colorado!!!! Attention all single and married ladies that enjoy the dark side of the force there are quite a few brothers you may want to sample!!! Attention wannabes, cucks, subs with hot lady...
  11. She loves to suck my dick

    She loves to suck my dick

    This can be you ... If you're in the Colorado area. I make house calls. 720-466-3645
  12. Wife Mounting

    Wife Mounting

    A perfect arch will get you pounded... Kik Gerthvadorbbc
  13. LordGerthVador

    Denver Colorado (Hotwife Qos Single Lady) Roll Call

    Its seems everyone is looking for everyone else....Let it be known!!! Also leave your kik name....lets connect!!! Gerthvadorbbc
  14. 56814669-82DD-41F2-BA41-C16FD632DC01.jpeg


    Aggressive Bull
  15. M

    Best bars/clubs in Denver

    We're a married couple living in the southern suburbs of Denver. Been together for 15 years, she's only 38 so we married young. We love to party and have a good time but it's hard down where we're located. We typically go downtown every couple of weeks but don't know the best places to go...
  16. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight

    Denver/Front Range kik me: blkanguz
  17. Just..


    Kik me: blkanguz
  18. RocketMan


    Denver/Front Range..kik me.
  19. Weerrk.


  20. Thirsty?


    Denver/Front Range..kik me