1. 20170830_083535.jpg


    For girth reference. Watermark your pics
  2. 20170607_012016.jpg


    Beware of the cock pic thief. Watermark
  3. She gagged, but took it all

    She gagged, but took it all

  4. Oral fixation

    Oral fixation

  5. Oral fixation

    Oral fixation

  6. Thickking20

    It's all about the girth

    Let me feel you
  7. DenverThickBBC

    Would you? Yes or No. Thoughts?

    Not good with these damned photos, but ain't no use in wasting words, so here y'all go...Ladies, let me know what think. Or, you Cuck Boys, let me know if your wife/girl would get on it. Plus, if you're in Denver, hit me up...
  8. DenverThickBBC

    New BBC Bull in Denver

    I'm a choir boy shedding all that innocence and letting his long-time inner bull finally have its way. I'm looking for some "Snow" in Denver that's trying to get Blacked. It could be just us or in front of your man or a group. Let me know. I'm down. Attached a few pics of me in one of my Rings...
  9. 216Girth

    Legitimate Girth

    Want a "fill" up?
  10. 216Girth

    Legitimate Girth

    Want a "fill" up?
  11. 216Girth

    Pending Verification Verify

    Sans sharper.