bbc denver

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    I get so fucking horny thinking of domination at night . The thought of chocking , slapping and pleasing you turns me on!!! Denver
  2. Philthymoves

    BBC New from Denver area

    Pretty much just made an account.... But I will be VERY active in this community. Working on my bio, but if you want to know more message me... Always free.
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    Bull Active and Looking . Let’s have sex in the shower . PM me for training and booking
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    Aggressive Bull
  5. DenverThickBBC

    New BBC Bull in Denver

    I'm a choir boy shedding all that innocence and letting his long-time inner bull finally have its way. I'm looking for some "Snow" in Denver that's trying to get Blacked. It could be just us or in front of your man or a group. Let me know. I'm down. Attached a few pics of me in one of my Rings...
  6. Theblackgod666


    Bbc in Denver for freak
  7. S

    Denver Anyone???...

    hey ladies and couples Should be getting back in the lifestyle in a few weeks after I take care of some personal stuff if any is interested hit me up I also would love to do some video;) On that flexing shit;) by superdick33 posted May 30, 2016 at 12:11 PMMe just posing for the ladies;) by...
  8. Jacob reed

    Any BBC in Denver?

    Looking for some BBC to let my girl and I enjoy the cock. We want you to be comfortable so whatever you want to do is fine, but you won't be told no. Bring a friend if you want.
  9. B


    26 5'9 good job. car no kids 8inches...? Wheres my pearls?!!!!
  10. B

    Rocky Mountain BBC

    moved here a little more than a year ago from the Great Chicago for a job transfer. I think I've got 8inches ;) 26/ 5'9 very intelligent and converses really well no kids car job thick and black eager cock. any help?
  11. G

    Felatio in Colorado

    Let's have a fun gathering . Just a quick warm up for something bigger. Some experienced slurs might want to bring their virgin friends. Perhaps you just want to make sure your skills are up to par.perfect practice makes perfect. Super cool location. Oct 25th