Need to fulfill her desire

Discussion in 'Studs, Stallions and Bulls Seeking' started by VACouple, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. VACouple

    VACouple New Member

    my Queen has requested that I make her desire reality and soon. Obviously the holidays won't work but she wants me to get it organized for January, if you are in the northern VA area let me know. This is going to be fun!!!
  2. Gus

    Gus Active Member

    Trust me get it done you both will love it.
    Me av never ever looked back, once tried never ever denied !
    Once hubby is home this weekend have I got a plan for him?
    You must make it happen she will love and adore you for it.
  3. VACouple

    VACouple New Member

    Oh, I will. Don't worry about that...
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