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my wifes first BBC

I have always wanted her to fuck a BBC, as a fantasy. I am 5'5 white male 4 3/4 hard , she is 4'11 115 white. She went on a dating social networking site looking for friends when this sexy muscular black man messaged her. Without me knowing she gave him her numbe and he text her immediately then he sent her a pic of his body and she was thinking omg I want to touch and text that to him when she didn't mean to. Before to long within an hour he had her send a pic with a bra and no panties while I was right there. He ended up coming to pick her up and went to a movie. He ended up pulling her up against his big dick and she said she felt it grow as she grinded it with her big white ass in public. After the movie while up against his car he was smoking a cigarette while she was rubbing his dick with her wedding ring hand in front of people. They went to go back to his place but stopped in a parking lot to fuck. Her first reaction she told me was wtf I wanted to run it was huge. She ended up sucking it all down then riding it in his car. After they drove to his house where she gave him head whilde he wa driving, she never did that to me. When they got to his house they ended up fucking a total of 4 times that night. Every sex position she said she didn't even want to move after. When he dropped her off she limped in the house went to change her panties and seen her pussy was bleeding he stretched her pussy he also fucked her ass very rough and 2 months later she barely fels my dick in her ass. When she came home the 1st thing she did was make out with me because she said she enjoys me being her bitch since she is his bitch. She then layedi bed for 2 days barely able to move his cock rubbed her pussy walls and went in her stomach and mine onlyhits 1 wall, she now makes me fuckher with 4 fingers and my dick. A few dayslater he sent her a pc of his dick and she said its weird because shes a country girl and she seen hisdick and got wet and wantedit. I joked around and said your dick whipped by bbc and she said shut up its not funny I cant helpit. I havenever had her dic whipped before. Now my wif tells me she wants it deeper which I cant gve her o she cuts me off and goes elsewhere.