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My girlfriends BBC experience

Hey. This is my first post but I've been browsing for a while. I never really gave white girls fucking black guys much thought until a couple years ago.
I started going out with, my now girlfriend a few years ago and everything was great (and still is)
One night we had been drinking and we were lying in bed and horny. We started talking about past lover etc. And it popped into my head. I asked her if she had ever fucked a black guy...and to my amazement and in all fairness abit of shock she said yes!. I didn't know what to think as I knew your average black guy had quite large dicks and didn't expect her to say yes.
I must admit it turned me on quite abit knowing she had fucked a BBC. So of course I asked her more about it and asked details.
She told me she was 19 at the time on a girls holiday to magaluf of all places. Her and her girlfriends were on a school girl dress up night and you know the usual dress code applied. Try look as slutty as possible. Well she said the night was drawing to an end and she ended up on her own walking home, when she said she heard footsteps behind her. So she turned round and saw a black figure approaching. She got all nervous because it was dark and she was by herself and said she started to cry out of fear something bad might happen. The guy approached and asked what was wrong and she told him up front she thought he might do some ting bad to her. That's where she told me that he got quite offended by that and they talked and somehow she eventually ended back at the apartment he was staying at. When she got there it turned out it wasn't an apartment but a small villa full of black guys! She told me it was football players from West Bromwich United. So that explained the nice place. She stayed for a few drink where they played card and told me she quite fancied one of the guy there and asked him to walk her home to her room. So of course he did and when they got outside her place this started to get more interesting. He started to get her off with his hand to the point where he made her cum. Then she didn't go into to much detail with this but he picked her up and she had her back against the wall and legs over his forearms where he began to fuck the life out of her! He didn't go bareback which disappointed me abit but hearing about how he fucked her so rough turns me on loads!
We have messaged each other back and forth when we have been horny and I've asked her how it felt and she said "tbh it was quite sore because he was so thick and fucked me so rough" but she said she would do it again!
Ever since then I've fantasised about her getting fucked by a black cock and getting stretched out!
I've asked her would she fuck a black guy but I think she's a bit hesitant and thinks it would ruin out relationship. She's 24 now and I'm 29 and all I want is to see her get fucked senseless by a big cock! Look below at our messages....she need bbc in her life! Thanks for reading :)