My cuckold life

Sorry this is a little long. Way more I could have discussed, but here is how it started.
So where do I start. First a little back ground on both of us. I think after you read this you will see we were made for this lifestyle.

Lexi is first and foremost the love of my life. She is 24 and was 19 when we met. Joy one of my best friends introduced us. They work together at a studio. It is a cool place and very modern. It really fit her. So I went to meet Joy for lunch and she apparently had already been telling Lexi about me. Lexi looked amazing and was so cute. She was flirting with me and I never picked up on it. I have always been clueless in this area. Joy told me later I almost blew it, but she told Lexi I had always been like that. Lexi later told me what a lot of people have said, “I totally thought you were gay”. I am not. As I mentioned before I have gone to therapist since I hit puberty. My mom thought during my teen I might be gay. Turns out I am just borderline asexual.

Now this is the opposite for Lexi. She was always the girl in school that you knew slept around. The same for her short stent in college. But, she had just gone through a bad breakup and was ready to find mr. right. That turned out to be me of course. We hit it off on the first date. We both spent the night telling each other about ourselves. We were polar opposites, but it worked for us.

We dated for about six months and then ran off to vegas. That night was our first time together sexually. It was very awkward, but Lexi was an angel to me. She showed me how to do things I had never done. She showed me just how to touch her and lick her to perfection.

Lexi knew that sex wasn’t a big deal for me and she said it was ok. I was good with her usinig toys and me using them on her. She loves for me to lick her. After the honey moon I asked Lexi if she liked us having sex. She was honest and said it really didn’t do anything for her, but she loved when I licked her and used the toys on her. We both agreed that we would focus on that. As many in this lifestyle, I am small in that department and have issues staying hard. It is a mental thing.

Part of the problem is that I don’t desire sex, so I didn’t really push the toys. After a few months Lexi was just using the toys when she was wanting too and usually when I wasn’t there. We were getting along great and very much in love, but you could tell something was missing.

Joy was the first to really notice. She talked to both of us. Lexi told her she was missing the real thing and I of course was fine. Then on our one year anniversary we went out with Joy and her boyfriend. Afterwards we were sitting around drinking and Joy pulled out some pot. I don’t normally do that, but we were all game. Well pot makes both of the girls horny. Joy’s boyfriend got called in to work, so we kept going.

Then Joy just blurted out like it was no big deal, “So Matt would you care if Lexi dated Ty.” Ty is a rep that comes in to their office once or twice a week. I knew for the last six months he had been flirting with Lexi. I didn’t care. I knew she loved it and loved to flirt.

Lexi cut Joy a look and she just said what. Well I was taken back and knew that Joy was pretty sure I would say yes since I had told her a while back that that kind of thing didn’t both me since I am not a jealous person. That was of course about someone else. I stumbled around in my haze and finally said that if she really wanted to, I wouldn’t mind. Lexi looked at me and asked if I was being serious. I told her she knew I wasn’t jealous and if it didn’t hurt our relationship then I wouldn’t care. Needless to say she was stunned. Joy laughed and said I knew it. She then laughed and told Lexi to text Matt.

Lexi said she didn’t know and Joy said for me to tell her it was ok. So I did. She was buzzed so she texted him the words Yes and said when. The girls were giggling and Lexi was asking if I was really sure about this. Within two minutes her phone was ringing. Joy made her put it on speaker. It was like I wasn’t even there.

Ty asked if she was for real. Lexi said yes and Joy yelled that he owed her one. He asked about me and they told him I wouldn’t have to know. He was really happy and said he didn’t think she would ever come around. She said Joy really did help her to get there. He then just said he couldn’t wait to take her out and hopefully give her a good fucking. I was a little shocked and Lexi turned red. Joy said it was proabably time for her to go to the bed room and talk while we smoked a little more. She was all giggly and obviously happy as she went to our bedroom.

Joy and I talked. She told me she would be there for me. She said Lexi really needed this and that she thought it would be good for her to have that on the side and me at home. I was a little shocked, but deep down it didn’t bother me. I was only worried about losing Lexi. I know that is a common fear and one that I obviously had.

Lexi came out 15 minutes later all red faced and told Joy Friday after work. She looked at me and I pulled her down to me and held her as she talked. That showed her I loved her and it was fine. She said he was going to get her from work and then they were going out. He had a surprise but wouldn’t say what it was. Joy said it wouldn’t be long till she was getting fucked again. Lexi just looked at her and said dammit. I laughed and gave her hand a squeeze.

We snuggled close that night and later I heard her with her toy. The next morning we were both hung over. Lexi was avoiding me and I finally said that night that I was still good with Friday. She was almost crying. She said I don’t know what came over me and said she didn’t have to have that.

We talked for a couple hours and I assured her it was ok and that I was good with everything. She admitted she was missing the dating, flirting, and emotional attachment that was hard for me to fill. She assured me of her love for me and I of her.

That week a lot went on. I went to my therapist and yes we discussed it. No, she didn’t say to do it. She just was very cautious. Communication was key if this was something I really wanted. She encouraged me to put this in my journal. Also, to talk to Joy about it. She said it had to be what I wanted too. I thought about it that week. By Friday I was all good with it. As much as a guy can be I think.

That week she texted Ty a lot. By Friday she was so ready to go. She told me she would try to text me when she could. She asked again if it was what I wanted. I told her yes. She said thanks and went to work. She texted me a pic of her around five and asked again. I told her to go and have fun.

Joy came over and we watched two movies till almost one in the morning. Joy kept texting and I figured it was Lexi. I found out it was. She was encouraging her. Around 1:30 Ali came in. She still looked amazing in her dress. She said hey and was really nervous. She sat down and had some wine with us. Joy just asked how it went and finally if she got some. She was shy and said no. Joy said why the hell not. Lexi looked at me and I told her it was ok. She said they didn’t really have a place to go. He lives an hour away from us. She told her to call him back and say to come back and do you now. We will leave and she looked at me. I said sure. Lexi looked at me and I just handed her her cell phone. She called and Joy motioned to put it on speaker. He answered and was just down the road. He had stopped to pee. She told him I wasn’t going to be back till the morning and to come back. He asked if she was sure she was ready. She said yes very shyly and he said no. Tell me why to come back. She said very clearly because I want you to fuck me. He laughed and said he would be there in five.

Joy grabbed my hand and said come on. We got to the door and Lexi grabbed my hand. I told her I loved her and it was ok. She was about to cry and I told her to stop. Joy said to have fun and we would be back when he left.

When we turned the corner his car came by. He didn’t notice us, but we were looking for him. Joy held my hand and gave me a wink. I was a ball of feelings, but still good with it. I figured it had already probably happened that night. We circled the block and waited twenty five minutes for him to leave. We then pulled back to the house. Joy was in a hurry to get in. She wanted me to see the aftermath I am sure. It was clear my wife had been with another man. The house and our room reeked of it. Lexi’s hair was a mess and she was now in a robe. She had lube on her and smelled of sex. Joy said she would let us talk and left.

We sat down for a second on the couch and both assured the other we loved one another. When we got up there was a wet spot. It was clear Ty had came in her. I could tell in the room as well. There was no condom wrapper and two wet spots. We showered and then went to bed. We just held each other and told the other how much we loved one another. It was a very special moment and one that I am happy I could give her.
Here is a little more and answers to some of the questions I was asked. Ty and hope to hear from u soon.

I have been seeing a therapist since I was 12. I struggled with my sexuality and in some ways still do. In high school and early college I was told I was gay so I thought I was.

My mom and sisters loved it so I went with it. I struggled with not being attracted to anyone male or female so that is why I have been seeing therapist.

Joy was a huge help in that she realized I wasn't gay but asexual. Then my new therapist diagnoses it.

Things actually moved fast after the first night. We talked that weekend and both were good with her moving forward. I had no idea how both of our lives would change but they have.

She saw Ty on the weekends for two weeks. Joy and my therapist helped me with that. Things changed when they went to lunch one day. Her boss caught them parked and kissing. Another secretary caught them and by the end of the day it was all over the company. Joy made the mistake of trying to cover it by saying we were separated.

The next morning her boss called her in. She admitted she had been seeing him. When her boss asked how long we had been separated she told him a few months. To her surprise he was good with it. Had her go to HR and fill out some paper work to date a vendor. They gave her a new name badge with her maiden name on it and sent out a memo on it. So within two weeks things were really different.

Ty was now free to show he liked her at the office. He sent flowers and candy. All the women thought they were cute together.

We talked about it and I was ok with it. It was the only option at the time and I was ok with it. She started going to more of the work events after hours. Some where band appearances and some were movie premiers. She always looked good.

Her work after hours caught the boses attention and he moved her in to a new management position to oversee events and help coordinate the artist with the venues. She was the keep them happy girl. I will brag on her and point out she was the youngest to ever get a spot like that.

The move did slow her and Ty since she was gone more on the weekends. By this point they were out as dating and even and item on social media. Everyone thought we were separated. So it was a big change.

She was just with Ty for three months or so and they were very close. The closeness bothered me more than the sex for sure. All of which I talked to my therapist about.

Then she had a big trip to Las Vegas for a convention they were helping with. She went with some girls from work. They stayed two weeks on the companies dime and one with this band paying for it.

So during the convention she was working to get this new group signed and was going all out. VIP rooms at clubs and girls for the guys. The lead singer never took the girls but the others did. He was more interested in Lexi.

She talked to joy about it and she thought he was hot. She didn't want to move forward since she was liking things with Ty. Joy told her it was up to her but she should enjoy being single. That was the statement that Lexi kept thinking about. After a week she decided she wanted to go for it.

She called him to come to her room around two in the morning. Everyone had just came in at this point. When he got there she met him at the door naked. Joy said he was in shock but Lexi handled it like a pro and walked to the bed and just asked if he wanted to come in. That was the second guy she had been with since we got married. She was pretty loud and the next morning her coworkers all saw them leaving together. She was embarrassed but the ladies told her it happens all the time and even told her some stories.

That night they turned in early and didn't hide it from anyone. The next day the group signed with them. They asked that she stay another week. She was allowed and they spent it as a couple on vacation. He bought her a diamond necklace with some of his signing bonus. He asked her to get the band name aka his name tattooed on her but she said no.

She did let him take some photos of her as a thank you.

When she got back Ty had already heard and told her it was fine. But after that they never got together again.