Mexican Caribbean the best place to get your wife fucked


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True Internet Story ;)
An old, white couple decided it was time for the wife to experience BBC and heard that Jamaica was the place to go. So they checked into a Jamaican motel and the husband asked the desk clerk for information. The desk clerk recommended a place nearby ... telling them to knock on room 201 and to say "we're a white couple and we came here to get fucked". So they did.

The deep male voice on the other side of the door instructed the old woman to stand in front of the peephole, disrobe, and slide $50 under the door. So the wife did as told ... stood in front of the door, disrobed, and the husband slid $50 under the door as instructed. The voice then instructed the old woman to turn around, back to the door, bend over and grab her ankles while her husband spred her ass cheeks open ... so the old couple did as instructed. A minute passed, then 5 minutes, and finally 10 minutes ... the old couple still in their instructed positions in front of the door. Finally, the old man knocked on the door again, and that deep voice said "Yes?" ... and the old man said we're that white couple that come to get fucked" ... and that deep voice on the other side of the door replied, "AGAIN?" :frantic:
I like your story, thanks for sharing it with us, and believe me you really must to get know the caribbean here you and your wife will really enjoy a nice hollidays, I work as a guide of tourist people and Im a real and very serious person and I always like to meet real couples or wife, trust me here its the best place to get your wife fucked, I will take care of her and she and you will be so happy