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Message from my hubby

Dark Secret

Gold Member
So you do as I ask and place you vibrator on your clit witch brings you back to a place of pure bliss

Your legs start to shake and you can feel your juices running between you amazing arse cheeks making your dirty little arse hole all wet and tasty

I start to tell you how fucking hot you are how much you drive me crazy how the smell and taste of you is too much

How I love you taking all dirty thinking dirty

About you being at the club being chatted up saduced as you talk and he compliments you skin your eyes and lips you know it's wrong but your pussy starts juicing

Your mind says no but your body shakes with YESSSS!!!

Drinks are flowing your feeling all sexy confidant and slutty and he asks you to dance.

You say yes and as soon as you start to grind on him you feel his huge bulge pushing between your peachy arse. You get even wetter

You go and sit down and talk some more your laugh and get all charmed and he kisses you you won't to stop but it feeeelllls so good as he kisses you he runs his hands up you wet thighs
And begins to rub your perfect pussy bringing his fingers out only to taste you

That fact that at any moment you can b court drives you crazy you open your legs more as he get rhythm and speeds up as you reach over and feel his huge cock you bite your lip as your legs shake and your eyes roll back

You run like naught kids the the nearest Ali where he pushes u against the wall pulls your dress up and shouts at your to pull your underwear to the side

As he lines his fat pulsating black cock up with your pussy and at this moments ( I line your black toy up with your creamy pussy ) and as I tell you that he pushes his thick dark dick in you I push your toy in you and you feel that amaiZing pain but pleasure you only get from that fat dick

It just feels you up and you cum so so so HARD you beg me to leave it there as you feel all my cum shoot across your chest.

just so you all know this messaged was reserved why I was getting ready to go out with all my girls to the club