1. SaskiaJay

    Cuck experiences!♠️

    I wanted to discuss how did you become a cuck? It all started for me when I mentioned to my partner about a threesome, it grew from there and she shared her desire for BBC, I was hesitant at first but I wanted to support her desire and now I’m excited for her to do it and complete her dream. I...
  2. Our sexlife

    Our sexlife

    This just sums up how sex is for us now. I can't satisfy her so we use a big dildo and I just come from watching 😂🤣😂
  3. Bbc cuckold fantasy

    Bbc cuckold fantasy

    Watching her take a bbc dildo while playing with small white dick.
  4. Hubby's POV while his wife rides me

    Hubby's POV while his wife rides me

    There’s more on twitter and my onlyfans! Just ask 😉
  5. mywayintermsofsex

    Human sexuality can be weird!?

    This is a real life experience of mine, not a fantasy story (and please excuse, it is not even directly about sex, well, sort of :p ). i recently had a conversation with a single twenty-nine year-old white Woman, both of us were a bit dr.u.nk at that point, and we were casually touching the...
  6. B

    cuckold fantasy

  7. Whitewifeneedsbbc

    Jamaican photo shoot reality vs fantasy

    I was on top of my wife, Shawna, in bed, going along nicely and sensing that she was on the verge of orgasm. I felt like I was getting close as well and trying to time things so we came together. She was moaning and I was fantasizing my usual scenario whenever we made love or when I...
  8. Most wives fantasy?

    Most wives fantasy?

    Is it?
  9. O

    My photoshop BBC to Butt pics

    Like to To do PS pics of BBC and my butt…..happy To help!
  10. ukhubandwife

    How we started our swingers lifestyle

    We started living the swinger lifestyle about 5 years ago. Then we moved to a small duplex, where an adult couple older than us already lived, they were 43 years old, and we were 30. They were an interesting adult couple, and we gradually became friends. We began to gather in a small yard and...
  11. B

    BBC Cuckold stories

    Any couples or wives that would like an erotic story written about them? Personal stories with build in pics/fakes if wanted. The stories will be written based on the wishes of the recipients. Send me a dm
  12. _TPL_.h264.mp4 13.mp4

    _TPL_.h264.mp4 13.mp4

    Perfect Wedding night for white bride
  13. Alliecat's Fantasy Ride

    Alliecat's Fantasy Ride

    Allie takes a shot and rides a black dildo but it takes her hubby's help ramming it in to make her cum. Enjoy.
  14. Leg Show Jo 2

    Leg Show Jo 2

  15. Leg show Jo

    Leg show Jo

  16. H

    Cuckold Fantasy Desires

    This simple story describes very intense sexual desires between John and Emily, a young married couple in their early 20s, and Alex, a very close intimate friend, 46 years old, single, and never married. Please let me know what you think. Thanks! --- John's insatiable desire for Alex to...
  17. chibichan

    Fantasy story about my first time with a London bull

    I quickly slip out of my panties. ‘Should I leave on the lights or not?’ I think nervously to myself while crawling under my silk hotel sheets. I hear my heart beating, and for what felt like an eternity, I finally decide to turn off the night lamp beside my bed. ‘So… I should just try to sleep...
  18. Lild3m0nnn

    Morning Time

    thinking about waking up with a thick black clock in my pussy 🤤🤤
  19. Lild3m0nnn

    I want HIS BBC

    I know sometimes I’m shy but I just love watching your big black cock slide in and out of my pussy, please daddy just let me watch. Let me look at how well I take you, fuck look at how tight my hole grips your cock, it’s getting so messy baby. And fuck the sound of your hips driving into me...
  20. Lild3m0nnn

    Cuck Fantasies

    You'd look adorably pathetic in fem lingerie with your little clit of a cock caged up and leaking. Just like how your mouth will be after servicing multiple cocks. Hopefully you can handle a good train of men abusing and using all of your holes. I'll have you leashed up while your face takes...