1. NaughtyGuySF

    DP Fantasy...

    So, I was thinking... Probably my most enduring desire is to DP a woman. I have never done this. But the women I see in videos seem to love it SO much! I SO want to try it! If you ever want to get me hard INSTANTLY, just show me ONE SECOND of a DP video! It's really that fast! Perhaps I can...
  2. M

    True backstory followed by fictional fantasy

    This story becomes fiction, but I am giving the true backstory of what inspired me to write it. It was written for my wife to read to me before we went to a real company picnic with my real black boss. About two years ago after the accounting firm where I had been an associate downsized, Mary...
  3. jcreed

    BBC in Turkey

    Turkish women: Neden siyahi erkekler? Does anybody know him?
  4. Bacchanalia

    A Countess's Tales: Use and Discard

    For as long as I have been sexually active, white women have wanted me to use them. Years before becoming a Master of Eros, porcelain princesses prostrated themselves before me without even asking, requesting to be used, degraded, humiliated and discarded—to be pushed beyond the often mundane +...
  5. Bear77ar

    wannabe cuckold dreams

    My wife bagan working at the hospital a few months ago. Nothing big, she worked in housekeeping on the evening shift. I work the early shift so it's kinda tough to get time together. When we do get time to chat, of course she tells me all about what's going on at work. It's what she does. Me...
  6. inkedangels

    Newest Fantasy or going to far?

    When we began involving other males to join us in our sex lives, one of the rules we set was that we would only ever involve BBC, and this was suggested by mrs inked and if honest I had not even considered the thought of race, surprised by her suggestion, as where she had lived all her life, is...
  7. ApexCode

    Hot Videos of Couples roleplay Discussing Cuckold

    im looking for videos where either the gf or bf ( hubby or wife ) suggest, talk about, discuss, prepare or convince the idea of cuckolding or swinging, i have some decent examples here:
  8. M

    Looking for BBC in being the first for my wife

    Hello, we live in the Los Angeles area and started our sexual BBC fantasy 1 year ago. Since my birthday is coming up, my wife said to me that we can have a threesome as a gift for me. However, she also confessed to me along time ago that she has always had a thing for black men and at time...
  9. T

    Need Help with Cuckold Fantasy Ideas

    To start off I should explain that me and my fiance have tried cuckold multiple times and she just decided it wasn't for her. We just agreed for me to fantasize about it myself. I have a tumblr sharing pics and videos of her and I look at other cuckold pictures and videos. The issue is, and im...
  10. Raulgomez

    Mid 20s couple needs bbc

    Southern California and wouldn't mind traveling to Arizona for a weekend getaway. We are mid 20s couple married for a while so things are getting old and we are ready to spice up our sexual relationship by adding a male dominant bbc. We have been discussing this a while and feel we are ready...
  11. CuriousChris

    I'm telling my GF about my BBC fantasy!...

    this isn't going as I had hoped but not as bad as I feared...
  12. wifepleezer69

    Bought wife a new Doc Johnson Realistic BBC Dildo - and she Loved it.

    Trying to spice things up a bit more in bed - I thought I'd start searching for ways to turn the wife on. I knew she has some attraction to black guys - she mentioned it when we met. Shes never been with one before I'm quite sure. Wife had initially bought a black one about 15 years ago -- 7"...
  13. C

    Why do white women love bbc?

    Ladies why do you love black cock? Is it the size? Is it because you've always had IR fantasys? Are all white women naturally submissive to BBC? Ladies, Bulls and cucks feel free to join in.
  14. lilprik

    A baby for Fran

    With everything that was woman, Fran wanted to conceive a baby, but despite our many tries, my weak semen failed month after month. We began to discuss the idea of one of our close friends impregnating her, or at least making an attempt or two. Maybe you'll get pregnant if we let Jarred try, I...
  15. D


    Share you darkest deepest fantasies that you are shy or afraid to share..... Well i love a stranger abducting a girl and going rough on her Going to a public place act like strangers and seduce each other Then i love to play games like giving each other one command at a...
  16. Eva617

    Milf needs BBC's in WPB, FL

    I'm seeking BBC's to fullfil my fantasies of having several hands and BBC's pleasing me as well as I'm pleasing you...
  17. showingmyslut2

    Her fantasy

    Written by the wife in a dirty email she sent while I was away on a business trip: I know how much it would turn you on to see me fucking a big black cock. I have a surprise for you, we are at home, you are on your computer, the door bell rings. You see me walk past your office to answer it...
  18. capr

    my wife - hot or not?

    Hi. She is my wife, 34 years old. Cuckolding is our common fantasy. When we talk about the potential of other men in our bed, she gets very horny (me too of course), but she still is not convinced to turn fantasies into reality. "I'm getting close to do it" - she says, and I am impatiently...
  19. L

    Looking for BBC

    We are a latin couple, both with university degree, my wife's fantasy its a big black cock, she have a beautiful exercise body
  20. Dark Secret

    Message from my hubby

    So you do as I ask and place you vibrator on your clit witch brings you back to a place of pure bliss Your legs start to shake and you can feel your juices running between you amazing arse cheeks making your dirty little arse hole all wet and tasty I start to tell you how fucking hot you are...