1. kukuk27

    Bulls fantasy?

    Hi all the bulls! Would I like to know outside of dominating your fantasies about cuckolding? How far can the imagination of a bull come? What are you looking for above all? (psychological) Thank you, respect BBC:bigsmile:
  2. Biggsrich

    Story time 1

    You and your step dad get along pretty well. He's been around a while he seems good to your mom, but you have noticed that sometimes when you're around his eyes linger a little too long on you. At first you didn't think anything of it but one night things seemed a little more intense than usual...
  3. Feeling up on her booty

    Feeling up on her booty

    Would love to watch a black dude handle this!
  4. Angelyn

    Changes in a woman's sexual needs as she gets older

    Hi folks I have wanted to write this article for a long time. Finally I psyched myself into writing it. I am hoping to stimulate some discussion. I have no objection to the moderators moving this article to any thread where they deem more appropriate. OK I’ll get to the point. It’s a point I...
  5. N

    after i told my wife. now what?

    ive completely opened up to my wife about my interracial fantasies. she is confused and reluctant to entertain the idea. after showing her a small collection of interracial pictures that i put together, she seemed to be at a loss of words and slightly disgusted with me. she said she felt sorry...
  6. D

    Fantasy at the Bar. Who’s down?

    Fantasy alert!!! Looking for a nice player in LA to hook up with the wife. Going to a bar, hang out and have a few drinks. All this without the wife knowing it’s been set up. We can pretend that we got to meet you at the bar and were just casually having fun. Then, I’ll step to the restroom so...
  7. I

    How to get a person who doesn’t watch porn at all to accidentally watch or see IR porn or pictures for the first time?

    I searched an couldn’t quite find an answer for this question. Most people I read about already watch porn so it’s easy to “accidentally” slip one in. You could start watching porn with your mate but it would be kind of peculiar to accidentally watch/see IR porn early on or even later on? :help:
  8. C

    Kansas City bbc

    Looking for a bbc to do some certain things to my wife. We are in Kansas City
  9. 1

    Help me figured out what happened

    Ok so I guess a year before my wife met me she was living pretty crazily, drinking, a little promiscuous; all that bad stuff. She and a roommate were out partying and my wife was really horny. They went back to their apartment complex and started to go up to their room, but then a car rolled by...
  10. 1

    My bbc investigative

    Hello all, My beautiful wife had a one night stand with a black guy years ago. I’m trying to piece together the night to my fantasy but might need some Help. I was wondering if you guys might be able to help me if I gave all the facts. Here is my wife; sexy?
  11. 1

    Weird fetish might be a cuck;what to do?

    Me and my wife have been married for almost a year now. Before that we had been dating for 4. Before I met her the idea of interracial sex weirded me out. One night we got drunk and I asked her if she’d ever been with a black man, and she said yes. It grossed me out at first, but over the last 3...
  12. Pillowispa


    I've been privileged to have been sent messages by black males that have made my feet twirl and my insides ache because they turned me on so much. Something in the way they described to me what they would like to do to me or something as simple as mentioning how he would tower over me and look...
  13. Angelyn

    Angelyn’s Article: The difference between male and female fantasies

    Angelyn’s Article: The difference between male and female fantasies Hello everyone I have been lurking for a while, with minimum posting. But now I feel like posting some of my thoughts. Brief intro of myself: female, slim-mish without being outright skinny, small breasts and butt, holding...
  14. B

    Looking for finally fulfill our fantasy with a BBC

    After the first time my sexy young wife stuck that dildo in my mouth while we were making love and we both started sucking it together we have been wanting to find a real one to do that with. We have expanded the fantasy further into many other areas and get very hot during sex talking about...
  15. C

    Hello from Germany

    Hi everybody, I'm 22, white, from Germany. I am here because no sexual fantasy has ever turned me on as much as having a hotwife. I never had a girlfriend, but I'm dating, so things might change in the near future. I always loved women, sometimes I believe, although I think this is probably...
  16. NaughtyGuySF

    DP Fantasy...

    So, I was thinking... Probably my most enduring desire is to DP a woman. I have never done this. But the women I see in videos seem to love it SO much! I SO want to try it! If you ever want to get me hard INSTANTLY, just show me ONE SECOND of a DP video! It's really that fast! Perhaps I can...
  17. M

    True backstory followed by fictional fantasy

    This story becomes fiction, but I am giving the true backstory of what inspired me to write it. It was written for my wife to read to me before we went to a real company picnic with my real black boss. About two years ago after the accounting firm where I had been an associate downsized, Mary...
  18. jcreed

    BBC in Turkey

    Turkish women: Neden siyahi erkekler? Does anybody know him?
  19. Bacchanalia

    A Countess's Tales: Use and Discard

    For as long as I have been sexually active, white women have wanted me to use them. Years before becoming a Master of Eros, porcelain princesses prostrated themselves before me without even asking, requesting to be used, degraded, humiliated and discarded—to be pushed beyond the often mundane +...
  20. Bear77ar

    wannabe cuckold dreams

    My wife bagan working at the hospital a few months ago. Nothing big, she worked in housekeeping on the evening shift. I work the early shift so it's kinda tough to get time together. When we do get time to chat, of course she tells me all about what's going on at work. It's what she does. Me...