1. SWM4bbcslut

    Noncuck - what he and/or the bull does to humiliate and dominate her?

    Such as call her names, scream at her, rough sex. Throw a drink on her? Also post pics of such. It's fantasy, like half the BS on this forum, Don't like it? don't do it & go elsewhere, the purpose of the thread isn't to argue about it.
  2. SWM4bbcslut

    Ask Amy, Wife returns from vacation pregnant by masseur

    Wife returns from vacation pregnant by masseur (2016) "I am a happily married 27-year-old woman about to have my first baby, and I am terrified because it isn't my husband's baby. Last spring, another woman and I took a trip to the Bahamas. At the hotel I had a massage and was seduced by the...
  3. Carla4bbc

    My husband get drunk...soo...

    Firstable sorry for my English. I'm Latina. , We were on vacations, at a party, my husband get drunk He lost himself, i couldn't found him for around 20 minutes, we didn't know any body at the party, and there it was this elegant big black man that was watching me all the night, I was extremely...
  4. C

    Exposing my sissy husband

    Found a collection of pics/vids of my husband now im going to share them!
  5. C

    My husband

    I think my husband is into cocks iv found tons of pics, vids, and other evidence im not sure what to do but it turns me on iv always wanted to see him being fucked his little man bubble booty..iv fingered him before and i know he likes it but i didnt know he was using my toys! Who would fuk my...
  6. Topnotch

    Cuck husbands fantasy

    So I received a message from man claiming he wanted to be my financial cuckold. He explained that he and his wife would pay me to have sex with her and be his financial Dom. Said he would pay for trips for me and his wife or any couples or females I met or he met. And that while I was with them...
  7. Husband and I

    Husband and I

    Husband fucking me
  8. V

    B2W couples with bi hubby that post media

    We love seeing true amateur photos and true amateur videos. Being able to correlate a video with a real life person from here is amazing. Does anyone post bi photos or videos? We like seeing mutual oral or cream pie cleanups or husband swallowing the bull.
  9. SaucySauce

    Do you still love your husband?

    Are the feelings still the same? Do you think of him as lesser in any regards?
  10. Reverse doggie style.mp4

    Reverse doggie style.mp4

  11. Dsoul

    Gloria’s Secret

    Gloria was lying in bed flipping through a Victoria’s Secret catalogue when her husband burst into the room. She had seen his car pull into the driveway from the window. She heard his tires squeal when he braked to a stop. That told her all she needed to know — he was mad as fuck. And it wasn’t...
  12. Take notes cuckie

    Take notes cuckie

    Watch and learn hubby!
  13. Hubby’s dessert

    Hubby’s dessert

    Yummy! Fat free and lots of proteins.
  14. Hubby’s hobby

    Hubby’s hobby

    OMG, lately he gets more cock on the road than I do home! LOL
  15. To each his own

    To each his own

    Isn’t that the truth? Whatever shakes your tree! Or his tree...
  16. It could be you

    It could be you

    Ladies, if your husband begs you to do it, go for it. No regrets whatsoever, just great sex! Try it today!!!
  17. We both love cock

    We both love cock

    I get mine at home, he gets his on the road in truck stops. Always had a feeling about hubby but him having that tough-guy image I thought he’ll be top not bottom. LOL
  18. I love you babe

    I love you babe

    Nothing says “I love you” more than swallowing a BBC while my husband is watching it. True?
  19. CuckyBoyCasey88

    Cuck seeks His Queen and BBC addict Goddess! dead serious! will travel anywhere in the USA for you

    title says it all I'm real let's exchange info or message me I've been searching far and wide for my Goddess to adore and perfectly satisfy... My Queen to serve, support, and love... My Strong and Powerful Woman who loves Black Cock! Are you out there... You're perfect and ready cuck is...