1. My life in one picture

    My life in one picture

  2. S

    how to satisfy the cuck husband

    the husband sends me the pictures of his wife and after i have send it again with my dick he told me, my dick is the longest dick have seen with his wife's picture. P.S: he knows about sharing those pic with you
  3. PXL_20230309_133624298.jpg


    Double his size
  4. PXL_20230302_085521135.jpg


    Little balled husband
  5. The Husband

    The Husband

  6. amarleen

    I Let My Bosses Husband Fuck Me

    My husband Sam and I work for the same company. We are real hot and sexy couple, we are often horny and always in the mood for some amazing hot sexual stories. Our preferences in sex are real diverse. Our marriage is literally open to all sexual stories. Since my sexy husband is the boss this...
  7. L

    Anyone interested in my super high quality writing?

    Hey y’all. Couple here (BM/WF) writing probably the highest quality stories out there. It’s been a passion of ours to document our adventures (and fantasies) for a LONG time - we’ve been writing for years. Themes include serious cuckolding, plenty of interracial, lots of dirty language, and...
  8. dailydose6999

    FL, Housewife! Only 24yrs young & my husband (28) loves how I want him to be my cuck for BBC 🖤

    Hey! We’re new to this type of stuff online, but I always had a HUGE thing for black men after I realized I love really thick cocks. Fast forward newly married and my husband knows I was only with black guys previously and told me he loves the idea of being my cuck 🥹
  9. P

    Confessions of a mature lady

    My husband and I got married very young. There was love, passion, children. Then the children grew up, left. We stayed together. Of course, the former passion has passed, love has remained, but... as a relative. My husband is a little older than me. Then I liked it, he took care of me like a...
  10. GF/wife cucks BF/husband w BBC

    GF/wife cucks BF/husband w BBC

    Colour graded & re-oriented the original vid with subtitles. So much hotter! Wish there was an HD version!
  11. Reemon

    Christian couple in egypt with a fantasy of Muslim bull

    We are couple from Egypt, male 47 fe 42 both Egyptian and wan to explore sharing her she is excited yet bit worried We seek dominant gentlemen who is experienced to lead us and prefers to be foreigner and to host in classy setup
  12. B

    Cuckold Husband Rules

    Cuckold husband rules When your couple enters into a cuckold lifestyle relationship, you should develop your own personal rules. You will follow them in the future, which will greatly facilitate life in your marriage. This will ******* you to talk to each other about what you want from the...
  13. Destructorbull

    Morrocan mature wife vs young African migrant

    Cuck record how wife struggles with black mamba
  14. Whitewifeneedsbbc

    Hubby starting an affair but backfired on him

    It all started with a little harmless flirtation. She was the new young intern at the law firm Rick worked in, and she was strikingly pretty. Blonde, petite and always wearing short skirts, Christine was a 22-year-old who made everyone's head turn with her wholesome, good-girl look...
  15. Amateur Hotwife filmed by husband

    Amateur Hotwife filmed by husband

    She's not very vocal, but she gives the sexiest looks to her hubby.
  16. Slim Hotwife gets bred in front of her cuck husband

    Slim Hotwife gets bred in front of her cuck husband

  17. Destructorbull

    [exclusive hot 🔥husband film] Vacation in Haiti

    Mature housewife 47 years old with her first black prince 22 years old.
  18. Cheating on Her Husband with Black Dick

    Cheating on Her Husband with Black Dick

    We were having ourselves some fun . . . then her husband called, but she knew how to handle him.
  19. M

    Dad gets his wish

    DAD GETS HIS WISH I was 20 years old and I stayed at home for a month after colege. I used to spend my summers with my adult sister in Cape Cod. My parents has a wish to send me away from home for the holidays. But my sister and her husband were away, so I stayed. My relationship with mom was...
  20. S

    Married 30's couple

    We have been married since 2019. We enjoy sharing and seeing others. We watch all types of porn together and we are comfortable with our sexuality. We are both straight. We enjoy sexting on snap for people who can verify. We can't stand liars and fakes. We aren't stupid and it's extremely easy...