1. Dsoul

    Gloria’s Secret

    Gloria was lying in bed flipping through a Victoria’s Secret catalogue when her husband burst into the room. She had seen his car pull into the driveway from the window. She heard his tires squeal when he braked to a stop. That told her all she needed to know — he was mad as fuck. And it wasn’t...
  2. Take notes cuckie

    Take notes cuckie

    Watch and learn hubby!
  3. Hubby’s dessert

    Hubby’s dessert

    Yummy! Fat free and lots of proteins.
  4. Hubby’s hobby

    Hubby’s hobby

    OMG, lately he gets more cock on the road than I do home! LOL
  5. To each his own

    To each his own

    Isn’t that the truth? Whatever shakes your tree! Or his tree...
  6. It could be you

    It could be you

    Ladies, if your husband begs you to do it, go for it. No regrets whatsoever, just great sex! Try it today!!!
  7. We both love cock

    We both love cock

    I get mine at home, he gets his on the road in truck stops. Always had a feeling about hubby but him having that tough-guy image I thought he’ll be top not bottom. LOL
  8. I love you babe

    I love you babe

    Nothing says “I love you” more than swallowing a BBC while my husband is watching it. True?
  9. CuckyBoyCasey88

    Cuck seeks His Queen and BBC addict Goddess! dead serious! will travel anywhere in the USA for you

    title says it all I'm real let's exchange info or message me I've been searching far and wide for my Goddess to adore and perfectly satisfy... My Queen to serve, support, and love... My Strong and Powerful Woman who loves Black Cock! Are you out there... You're perfect and ready cuck is...
  10. K

    Why My Wife Should Go Black

    The reason I want my wife to go black. This is me rock hard five inches at best and also me compared to her dildo. Would love to know what everyone thinks.
  11. J

    How is sex with the bull different from sex with the husband?

    How is sex different with bull than with the husband? Is sex with the bull more rough, is there more ass slapping, hair pulling. Are off limits sex acts included for the bull? Do you find yourself more turned on by the bull?
  12. Mr MiracleBBC

    What's your Cuckold Story

    How did you get into the life style of worshiping black men?
  13. The Holidaze

    Husband is curious about BBC now...

    My wife and I watch only interracial porn for the most part anymore. She really gets wet and loose when she watches videos of black guys jacking off and cuming. I've been the one who picks out the videos for us to watch and after watching I can barely feel her around my dick but after she cums...
  14. obey

    Turning a slut wife bi-sexual

    Hello all and happy new year. I'm am asking the advice of all members(bull,you sexy slut wives,husbands/cuckolds) esecpially those who have had success turning a slut wife bi-sexual and the bull reaping the benefits of two sluts. She is 15 years old than me doesn't look her age and looks like...
  15. PageantMom

    Which celebrities would you like to see cuckolded?

    We've had a thread about which celebrities would you like to see blacked. But how about one for husbands being cuckolded?
  16. Stunning wife sucks hubby and fucks black guest

    Stunning wife sucks hubby and fucks black guest

  17. B

    Encouraging white husbands!

    Welcome! Hopefully you are have found this sight because you are beginning to accept your deeply seeded nature to be cuckolded by your wife! Maybe not, this could be nothing more than another "porn" site. Either way you are here for a reason! You are drawn by the idea of seeing your beautiful...
  18. Creampie For hubby cuckold

    Creampie For hubby cuckold

    Creampie For hubby cuckold
  19. showingmyslut2

    Hubby is away on business...

    Have any of you bulls ever been involved with a couple while the husband is away on business for a month or two? Did you move in to take care of the wife while he was gone? Howd things go? Some stories along this line: