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Looking for new Goddess / keyholder

I love cunillingus and can only for hours. It used to make me cum in my panties while my Goddess came. I would lovingly lap up her juices. Pussy pheromones drive me Wild, since I was 12 stealing my older sisters girlfriends panties when they did sleep Overs, or used our pool I would sneak into her room where I had been peeking through our closets. My closet had a "secret" panel in the wall.you could slide and go into her closet. We used tp play with this as kids. Her friends were hot they were all cheerleaders and they were so popular (unlike me who spent my spare time sniffing panties and wanking it. She had almost caught me a couple of times and made lots of comments about her panties kept disappearing. Eventually Susan and her hot friend Karen set a trap for me. They talked about there new hot sets of bras and panties, and said it had been a good practice but they wanted to change and hit the mall. Karen knew how hot I thought she was and always flirted and teased me. They asked if I wanted anything from the mall but I told them no i was ok. Karen sat on my lap and rubbed her but all around and said Cletus likes me I can feel it. She got up saying see you in a couple of hours. So when they burst in my room 25 minutes later with her panties in my mouth as i sucked on them sniffing another pair and jerking off. They told me not to stop and they would show their tits but I had to do whatever they said. They showed their tits as i sucked the crotch of Karen's panties sniffing Beth's I came squitting 5 times
Beth scooped it up and made me eat it for sniffing her panties. While Karen said i this poor little virgin panty boy wants to be like us. They dressed me up with makeup and had me in panties as much as possible. Every weekend I was their doll and they got great with my make overs plus teaching me to move and act like a girl. After they were done they would spank me over their knee and then take turns jerking me off into a cup which I would have to gulp down my cum and thank them for my delicious meal.
So I am looking for a new key holder, 1 to peg me, cuckold me, let me worship your vaginas, sissify and force gay acts