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Real Person
Viewing all of these threads, and reading the responses I've come to the conclusion that many of you are generally confident in yourselves. Especially when it comes to asserting the foundations of your relationships, even while submitting to your husbands! (see what I did there? :cool: ) With that being said, we don't live in a world were cuckolding is objective. So my question is this. How do you fair in heated race related debate?

Here's a scenario; two people of opposite races (one black, one white) are arguing about a racially bias issue with each other in front of you. Both these people are close friends of yours and you value their opinion as much as they do yours (this is hypothetical so please spare me the "my friends would never do that" ). When it they finally turn to you and ask you for your opinion of which race was "right" how do you deal with it?

I ask only because I feel though many of you ladies are socially commanding in a cuck situation, I'm not all too sure about outside of that. Yes you may fantasize about black men, but do you stand up for equal rights or fold under the pressure of an audience? Not calling anyone out or directing this toward anyone in particular. I'm just trying to stay awake and away from another cup of coffee! :frantic:


Real Person
I stand up for equal rights...I have been in an interracial relationship (open) for the last 10+ years tho so it just comes naturally to me. I do however have afew friends that doesn't look at IR relationships as appropriate, that is okay also. They are free to their own opinions as I am to mine. Those select few friends tho...have an understanding of respect for me asI do for them...

I guess your question really just comes down to who stands up for what they truly believe in....