It happaned for me again.

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    So it sounds like great news let me explain. I have a new GF I guess we can call her. A beautiful AF girl with a rocking crossfit body. She's very very submissive. She admits this to me. Some of the things she likes is being throat fucked, slapped, spanked, and ordered around. She seems just like the 50 shades of grey crew.

    I admitted to her one day that I wanted her to fuck a black man and send me videos and pictures. It took her a while but she built up the courage. Last night she brought a black man home, another Air Force guy. He spent a lot of his time texting his friend. She sent me the first video of her sucking his cock. It was pretty sexy she gagged herself on it a few times. He missed the cues to act more dominant.

    Then the second video came of them fucking. She was very vocal which I liked. He in my opinion didn't know how to fuck. I could see that in the video. He had no idea how to please her. After he had left she texts me and asks to be honest. I was hoping for her to say something like. "He's the best I ever had" or "hes better than you". By she says "he sucked". Not only that but immediately another black guy texts her photos of himself and says she have him her number weeks ago. Which is BS. Turns out after giving her bad sex he passed her number off to a friend.

    I know it sounds hot. But for a first time girl to get lousy sex and then harassed like that it was traumatizing for her. Now we're not even sure if it will ever happen again. I could fucking beat that guy with a bat for ruining this experience for her. Does anyone have any advice? I have been considering buying her sharing destiny to read.

    She had no idea what a cuckold was and didn't even know people like us existed.
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    For her to judge all black men from the example of one would be very unfair! Trust me, it happened to me. My first experience was okay, but it wasn't what I had thought it would have been, based on the effort he put into the seduction. I thought, since he was only the second guy I'd ever been with, that it was just a bit awkward because it was our first time together. I learned, after being dumb enough to give him a second chance, that we just weren't a good match in bed, to keep a long story short.

    A few months later, I decided to just let myself live in the moment, and wound up in bed with a guy who totally rocked my world. He made me so glad that I had not let Guy #1 send me into a shell and hide myself away. I would have missed out on an incredible experience.

    Please support her as best you can and encourage her to find someone else that she can connect with.

    Good luck to you both.
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    I've come up with two ideas ad she agreed to consider them both. First we find a guy and befriend him. That way it not some stranger. Second I brought up the idea of a guy that is dominant enough to take the role of a master. Which is something we talked about before she ever tried it.

    In the interest if keeping this threa interesting ill give some details about it. Maybe people will take more of an interest. I came up with the idea of letting him stay 3-4 days. During that time she lives on a schedule and has a dress code. My ideas were for her to be given I time limit to make him cum. If she can't I tie her arms around him as if hugging him. I then spank her ass. This is her opertinity to talk to him and find out what she likes. Only while she is being punished can she speak to him. If she speaks out of turn she will be punished and gagged.

    She'll prepare our meals and serve them to us. As well as suck our cock under the table. If she doesn't make us both cum before we are finished he is punished again. She will wake us both with blow jobs in the mornings, and will watch movies with us in the floor on all fours. So if by chance we want her we can hop up and use we body. I told her I would use his cum that drips from her pussy ass lube to put my own load in her ass. She must remain there throughout the duration if the film. She will also be prepared a anytime throughout the day or night to be fucked whenever we feel the whim.

    She loves that and added that she would want him to punish her to. Not just spankings but in sexual ways too. One example was fucking her with his over sized cock. Wildly and roughly. Making it hurt. Her punishment is to be fucked like that because it will hurt too much to cum. She also wants to be choked and throat fucked by him as punishments.

    Anyway that probably won't happen anytime soon but it's just to keep my thread interesting. Right now she is a very very shy white girl who had a bad experience with BBC. Sorry if there are type-os. I'm doing this on my phone in a parking lot waiting for her. It will be out first time together again after him. I'm looking forward to it even though she didn't enjoy it and I'm angry about it I am excited that a BBC shot a load in my GF. It was a big step for her. She's so shy.
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    I don't understand why you didn't do it this way to begin with, instead of trying to do it by remote control via texting. :confused: That sounded incredibly foolish to me.

    OK, so all the rest of this says you are not a cuckold per se, but a dominant white male in a relationship with a submissive female that you enjoy using for your voyeuristic pleasure. NOTHING WRONG with that, it's just a different flavor of relationship, more like a "Hot Wife" /swinging scenario.

    However, as long as both of you enjoy it, as well as whoever you bring in as your third, I think it's great and would enjoy hearing about how it progresses. :)
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    Personally, I think the best approach to get her "safely" laid by a black male is to locate a few nice adult lifestyle clubs and attend their hospitality night. Everyone's there for the same purpose (to hook up), everyone's been medically checked out, both you and your lady can meet some nice black guys in a great atmosphere, and go from there. Plus, you and your lady can befriend some of the regulars who will be glad to "recommend" a black stud or two for you.
    I think sometimes we make hookups a lot more complicated than we should. Check out the link: :)

    PS ... and the baseball bats for the lousy fuck you want to pop, I'd go with either a nice Rawlings aluminum PRO, or check out the new Rip-It bats, they're awesome, but kind of pricey. :)
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    I understand how stupid it sounds to try it the way we did. I'll explain it. She has been out of town. During that time we made a few videos for each other and had lots of dirty texts. After a while she began to admit the idea of a BBC was exciting. She came up with her own ideas about me watching her with two black men. She wanted them to DP her and cum I hole. These were all big steps for her. She is shy and never talks about sex.

    By this time I had her talking about how horny she was and how she needs me to fuck her because playing with her pussy doesn't give her the same release as it does when she has sex. I asked her at some point if she had gone to lunch. I thought she was meeting someone. So I asked if she was alone. She joked about finding a black guy to join her and I said asking as you send my pics or videos. She asked if I was really ok with that and I said yes.

    Then she said she needed a cock so badly that she was thinking about doing it. Maybe I messed up but I used her star of arousal to break the ice. She found this guy via POF and you know the rest. Perhapse its my own fault for pushing her to fast to soon.

    As for beig a dominant white male. That is not me. I prefer the submissive role and would much prefer that I am sub in the house as well. I would love to sit back and enjoy the show with her at his mercy or be made to serve them by bringing towels or water. I'm not dominan at all. I guess I just have a good imagination. I only put myself in the dominant role to make her more comfortable with the scenario. Hopefully I can use it as another ice breaker since she's more interested in a scenario like that.

    As for looking at swing clubs that's possible. We have to be careful about being to public about it. Shes an officer and I'm enlisted and I'm enlisted. If somebody ever wanted to be assholes to us about it. They could really damage our careers