Is this Cuckolding?...

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    My girlfriend and i who have been together for quite a while now have recently joined the swinger lifestyle. About a month ago, an old friend moved in. It wasn't too long after he moved in that he was invited to have a threesome with us. After a few invites, it had become a regular thing and the Mrs was free to fuck him even in my absence.
    One day after coming home from work, i opened the door and the first thing i heard was the unique moans of the Mrs. I decided not to disturb them but rather find the room and have a voyeur view. Luckily for me, i didn't have to get creative, as they used one of the basement rooms and left the window open just enough that i could have a good view. I sat there with my dick in one hand jerking, and my phone in the other hand recording.

    The fact the i enjoyed that, is that cuckolding?
    Best of all, i got it recorded :p
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    re: Is this Cuckolding

    No, your having enjoyed the event has nothing to do with cuckolding.
    The definition of cuckolding, over the past 10 or so years has taken on an evolutionary mutation; thus, the current terminology and usage of the word has broadened the definition.

    Old meaning of cuckold: a man whose wife is unfaithful, or commited an infidelity of the marriage vow.
    (notice a marriage is required, and that the definition focuses on one gender)

    The newer version of cuckold: a person who's partner has been unfaithful, or breached the monogomy of the relationship.
    ( notice the absence of a marriage requirement, and the fact that either partner (male or female) can be a cuckold)

    To attempt to simplize the word or definition, think of cuckolding as a one-sided swinging relationship; one partner remains monogomous while the other partner has sex with other people. The fact that the monogomous partner knows or doesn't, or enjoys or doesn't enjoy the other partner's unfaithfulness, is irrelevant.

    Does this explanation help any ... IRswingCpl? Mac :)
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    would love to see the recording
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