Is inviting a male friend into your sex life a good Idea?

I have found that if there is a relationship already in existence, then adding sex to that relationship is an easy next step. I have always believed that sex between friends is better sex because you already know each other. Yes, sex with strangers is exciting and can be fulfilling, but there is a comfort that comes with having sex with someone you already know. Both of you know what the other is into, what each of you like or want, and you both care about each other. All of this adds to the sex you and a friend can have with one another.

When you have sex with a friend, you already have a level of trust established. This trust allows the two of you to be more open to each other and to do more with each other. I am more apt to do anal with a friend than with a man I do not know at all, especially if the friend has a long cock. And because I know my friend better than most other people, I know that if I want him to do more ,or even stop, that he will respect my wishes. I feel that is important.

I have heard some people say that having sex with a friend changes the relationship. I agree that once you open the flood gates that you can never close them again. I also agree that once you are sexual with a friend that often sex can become expected, but isn't that what friends are for?

A lot of it depends on the friendship one still has to make sure it is right to add a or some specific friend friend, some friends could take advantage of the situation making relationships worse, still pick and choose carefully. No matter friend or stranger.


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the first time we invited another male in our bed he was a friend of mine(hubby) it was ok but nothing spectacular , the 2nd guy was a younger friend of mine(hubby) and he didn't have much experience we played with him I think 3 times.
Wife got pregnant with our 3rd baby and I could tell he thought it was his which it was not. Anyway we stopped playing for a few years then. he got a girl friend and later married her. he is still a friend but we aren't as close as we once were.
So my suggestion is if you value the friendship don't do it


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Ask any female if it would be ok to invite her best, female friend to help fuck her husband and see what response you get to that Q. Very, very few females are willing to share their husbands with other females, especially the ones who they considered their best friend. That's why most women have problems understanding why their men desire to share them with their friends. Male friends simply appreciate the opportunity given to them to share another man's wife ... women know the devious, catty minds of most females ... to them, the answer would almost always be "no way" .