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Is cuckolding a white man an added thrill?

As a white cuck wannabe male I believe (don't know if it's true or not) that for a black male cuckolding a white male gives an added thrill and excitement when he is fucking the wife or gf of the white male - is that true?
I think for us white cucks it gives an added thrill knowing that we are contributing to the excitement of an alpha black male when he fucks your wife/gf - but is it true?


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Oh absolutely, it's the first thing that enters my mind when I get up in the mornings ... "how can I add some more excitement to a black man's life, today?"
I get these wild thoughts like ... maybe a full-body rub/massage on demand, or a pedicure/manicure, or a bottle of 25 year old scotch, or maybe a lifetime's membership to a spa, bottle of French cologne, or even a Get Out Of Jail Free card.
I know my purpose on this earth is to be their servant.
Those pretty good ones, you think?
gif_yellowball-Warmingup4.gif Maybe challenge 'em to some "hoops" and let them win.
I have been gang banged and had white men pull out of me when they saw the size of a Black Man's cock. In gang bang situations, I have noticed that white men have this respect thing for Black Men. I know this because it has happened more than just a few times.

When we have gone to this swinger motel we go to, I have been getting fucked by a white guy with a nice sized cock, and he will just pull out if a Black Man is wanting to fuck me. The last time this happened, the white guy who was fucking me told me, as he pulled his hard cock out of me, "I can't wait to see his cock fill you." The funny thing was that the white guy was filling me, and he felt really good, but he pulled out and happily let the Black Man step in and take his place.

I think there is a thrill for many white men to see a Black Man do the fucking for them.