Interracial themed chatrooms?

Hi All

Does anyone know of any interracial themed chat rooms that are not extreme xxx cyber sex places inhabited by the usual array of freaks and fantasists?

By that I mean a place where people with a genuine interest in IR can have an interesting conversation and meet new people? Is it too much to ask?



Real Person
A few years back my ex and I used, she would get on the site from her company and I from home. Now I just started checking out the that one you can direct a interracial couple or a female, male too if your into that to do the things you want to see if they are into it :hot:! if your lucky and if you have the $ and know how to bargain.
Literotica has a very interesting cuck/interracial portion of it's chat....but that has apparently been down at least a month so I have a feeling I should be using the past tense...