How many cuckolds would be BBC only if your current relationship ended?

jane mintu

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I love my gorgeous wife and don't expect to ever have marital issues as we have an amazing marriage together. But if we ever agreed to go our separate ways, I can honestly say that I would strictly play with BLACK MEN and be their submissive bottom boi to use as they would want whenever they would want. I never thought I would feel that way but they would be my preference over women because of the sexually satisfying feeling that I get when our BULL asserts his sexual DOMINANCE over me.
Gasp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me too the little guy barely gets hard and as well documented here is not big enough to do any woman any good anyway.
I would not be able to strip down in front of any woman.
Guess I would search around for black cock to serve.
Well proven that the black man is our superior!!


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I am 99% sure that my hub would continue sucking and getting fucked by BBC, but who knows, maybe once his cage comes off and if he can ever get an erection again, he may be able to actually maintain a hetero relationship.
I highly doubt that he could take back his manhood after that lol. But hes lucky to have such a perfect woman like yourself.


Thought provoking. I definitely hope it never comes to this but I have to admit I just don't know. Since this is just a fantasy I share with my wife & we have not had an actual sexual encounter with a black man I can't predict my reaction. At one time it would have been a definitive no, I just wanted to watch my wife with a black a lover. But it was not long before I was fantasizing about being coerced into more submissive situations. I allowed myself to believe it would be the decision of my wife or her black bull if (or more likely when) I actually experienced BBC myself. But in this situation I would have to accept I am actually making the choice myself. Personally I don't think I would actively pursue this path but would likely place myself in situations where something could happen then see how things develop from there. Damn the way this BBC compulsion just keeps growing.