has anyone found sex partners on this site


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My wife and I always found our bulls on a swinging website or then on craigslist. We made some great friends and found some awesome BBC.
We have.. and we continue to develop other friendships that will hopefully lead to additional meetings. We also use Craigslist, practically weekly, to find her BBC bulls because it is more localized, which makes real time meetings much easier, even after weeding through all the BS that comes with CL
The challenge with this site is that it is a global forum and geographically harder to meet people you might really like to hang out with. But if you're real and serious it will shine through and you can meet others that are also real and serious and share in your love for this wonderful lifestyle.
Yes. I have fucked 3 BBCs from here.
I gave a blow job twice to the same BBC...so that would make 4 BBCs that have been in me from here.
But, there are more fakes and flakes here than all the other sires added together.
Found my wife's first black on here.

It's a very long process. Don't give up.

For us though (being from Utah) there isn't a lot of black male members on this site that live in Utah.

Now that she's had her first black, we're a lot more "open" to approach black men at the club, etc.

But yeah...... in answer to your question - it DOES happen, if you work at it.