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Hedonist Ninja

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IR sex will not cure racism... Assuming racism is some action to be 'cured' in any sense of the term.

That said, I love women of all colors myself. This site is pretty interesting in it's own way.


I guess that babe in the picture has an agenda...:) ... I think the agenda is cocksucking more then anything....

Hedonist Ninja

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This is not directed at anyone nor even on the subject of the thread...

I wonder in today's age if many people, who have not experienced the actual version in person, even know what racialism really is in the correct sense. That terms gets tossed around and is sort of elastic in our modern [American] society.

Sex seems to be the area this misapplication most occurs. Where the sex and racial lines meet and blur...

racist or not.jpg

The answer to the above caption is "NO!". You can fuck whomever you like (adults only) and you don't have to explain why you choose to do so. It some cases it could be 'racism' as a motive yet there is no real way to tell by the relationships themselves having taken place as the only proof one way or another... The opposite is true, if a white girl only fucks white men and no other races, it is not correct to assume racism is the case for who she dates/sleeps with.

That said... I recall some nonsense like when Tiger Woods was accused of being racist SINCE HE ONLY CHEATED ON HIS WIFE WITH WHITE WOMEN!


I am not sure if the press understood that inquiring why Woods DID NOT CHEAT ON HIS WIFE MORE with Asian and Black and Latina women to dispel any doubts that Woods, mixed race himself, wasn't being prejudiced happened to be so very fucking stupid indeed...


One last note about racism and IR sex... Behaving in a racist way can still happen even for one who engages in IR sex.
I know a Japanese couple (they live in Japan) who have sex with Latino and White couples. The Japanese couple however, as it sometimes the case, really strongly dislike and even hate Koreans.

So while that couple, who are about as normal as most overall, has no racial issues with sex and swinging with selected partners of certain different races: They still exhibited racism/nationalism towards others.

Human beings are complex and that complexity is okay. I guess what I am getting at it that there is no 'one size covers all' version of what racism is nor how it can function.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to look at the first image I posted: The one of the sexy blonde girl sitting on a black man's cock. Feel free to have a fun gazing session yourself...
See, to me racism is if you really think one race is better than another or you look down on a race for some reason or another. I'm not goin to go into all the horrid details of how awful people can be and it's been directed not just at any particular race either. And it doesn't have to be sexual. But I just think on account of someone having a sexual attraction or preference it's not racism, although I guess it could be sometimes.

Nevermind, lol.


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well.....i was talking about the love that people show! i don't care if its lust or whatever!
its impossible to find one here because its an interracial community!
here people don't hate small dicks they just need a better one over the small ones!
and they get it here!
racism is when you feel your race is superior than the others!
We HATE racists. This is a quality site, and black and white is exactly what what this site is. Too many backward people
with racists comments. If you do NOT want a black man with your GF, wife, etc, then go someplace else. But why do racists people spend SO MUCH TIME LOOKING on these sites........Hum ?????????

Life is too short, and there are too many wonderful people and things out there to be racists.
We are white, but the black man can certainly "do the do", so much better than white men. Look at the " equipment" also. No white guy can compete with those huge black cocks...a fact of life. Not jealous or mad or even upset...that is just how it is. Have a great multi racial day !


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Racism and racial preference are they the same thing? I really don't have an answer. All things being equal I find petite, pale redheads a major turn on. Does that make me a racist? It probably does. But my actions don't injure anyone. I don't disparage men or women because of race, religion or point of origin. Now I read posts here about white women that don't want anything to do with white men. If they treat white males badly then I would disagree with their viewpoint. If they aren't hurting anyone I really don't see a problem. I have a good friend that is a lesbian, she doesn't dislike men she just doesn't want to fuck them. I really would like to hear some other thoughts on the subject


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Racism and racial preference are they the same thing? ....
No, they are not.

Racism is an irrational belief that a race is either superior or inferior to others.

Racial preference does not assume the preferred race to be superior or inferior to others, simply more desirable or attractive to the one who has the preference.

Wine is a superior alcohol compared to beer or hard liquor= irrational belief as alcohol is chemically alcohol regardless of what form it is consumed.

I enjoy champagne more than ale or whisky= this is a preference, they are all forms of alcoholic beverage.


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the whole idea of race is meeting with anyway because that is a human made invention you can ask any geneticist any anthropologist no tell you there is no such thing as race just because your skin is a different Pikmin tation than mine does not mean to move a different race is only one race and that is the human race otherwise would def in at necessities the only thing that separates us are you there borders or cultures Point Blank.