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Actually, toe sucking can be very, very stimulating ... both giving AND receiving. That little redhead bartender from the Outback Restaurant got me going on toe sucking. The 3 of us (wife, her, me) were in a big bubblebath in our jacuzzi, drinking Gentleman Jack and chasing them with beer ... and she'd just finished rubbing me down with bubblebath suds, and suddenly took my foot and started sucking my toes ... damn that made my cock as hard as a 10 penny nail, and my wife saw how it affected me. Beats me why we'd never done that in the 6-7 years we'd been together to that point. On that first time, that redhead grabbed my cock and started milking me, and within 3 minutes I shot a load plumb out of the jacuzzi ... I bet it went 6 feet, and my wife started laughing.
So, we now incorporate Toe Sucking a lot in lovemaking ... I highly recommend it. :)