Friends or relatives?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ssbbw4hung, May 28, 2013.

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    This is not a black/white question/comment but, more of a humiliation question. I want to have sex with my fiance's friends and maybe a relative of his. I don't care what race they are or if they are hung or not. is this something anyone has done? or, is this one of those things that is best left as a fantasy?
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    Fiance's friends & relatives, huh? hummm ... have you ever had sex with any other guys and your fiance/bf knew about it? And if so, how did he react?
    Do you desire to do this openingly, with HIS knowledge and acceptance? And if so, how would you feel if he did likewise with other women?
    Have the 2 of you ever had a discussion about having an "open marriage"? Or a marital "arrangement or agreement"?
    I would suggest the 2 of you have an open discussion about your sexual relationship before getting married, otherwise this will eventually pop up during the marriage and cause problems. My wife & I were light swingers when we were in college together ... we've been together almost 20 years now. Our agreement is that we can have sex with others, but NOT behind each other's back, and only if the other is present. We've had more than a few couple swaps & MMF/FFMs over the years. Its always to heighten sexual pleasure ... not for establishing romantic bonds.
    Does this seem to answer your question? :)
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    Why do you consider this a "humiliation question"?
    Do you intend to do this as a humiliation for your fiance?
    If so, then why? Is it something he desires?