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Filming the wife


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The first time I saw her with a black lover I got so caught up in the moment that I kept forgetting to take pictures. I did get a few, some on my phone and some with a better digital camera. The same thing happened each time afterwards but I did get better at capturing some of the action.
One problem we encountered was someone in a group of black men that gang banged her sneaked some pics of her screwing them and since then we have seen a few pics posted on the web without our permission.:furious: I do not post any pics of Amie without cropping her face and the guy that did this did not do it. This has caused us some worry as once posted online, it is out there forever so our advise to to be careful.


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We made a fuck flick when we were younger ... old VHS tape that I still break out occasionally. We were in our mid-20s then ... man, looking at my wife, naked, at that age ... damn turns my ass on. We've watched it together a few times ... she just laughs about it now. We did a tape where we tried to make it appear I was continuously fucking her and having 1-2-3-4 orgasms ... we positioned everything so one wouldn't know it was taped over several days.
I encourage any young couple to make a tape of themselves when they are young ... really brings back memories seeing the hair styles and physiques change.
The first time I had sex with another man other than my current husband, hubby took pics and had the laptop set up so that he could film us. We'd only known each other a week when this happened. My then to be b/f (who is now my hubby) had brought up that he'd loved seeing his ex with other men and that he'd love to see me with another man as well. So, we put an ad on Craigslist and got several answers.

We looked through all of the responses to our ad. We decided that we would only respond back to the black men who had answered our ad. We responded to 7 of them. 4 of them ended up coming to my house. We had emailed all of them and eventually told each of them that more than just them was going to come over. We asked each of them if they minded group sex and they were all okay with it. The thing was, I had never been gang banged by anyone other than my brothers before that day and was a bit nervous. I didn't really know my b/f at the time, and I was going to have 4 other black men to the house. This was going to be a big trust thing between me and my b/f. as well as between us and the men who we had coming to the house.

We asked them all if we could take pics and the men all agreed. My b/f just "forgot" to tell them that his laptop would also be filming us, as well. So, my then b/f (who is now my hubby) got to see me with all four of the men who came to the house. Two of them ended up knowing each other and had had sex with the same women in the past. I have to say that it was intoxicating to have four men giving me attention at the same time. I had one in my mouth, another in my pussy, the others sucking on my breasts and they all took turns. In all of this, I actually forgot that my b/f was in the room.

I remembered my b/f was in the room when I needed a drink and my b/f handed me my glass of water. After I had drank my water, my b/f kissed me and told me I looked beautiful with all that cock in me. And I have to admit I felt loved,wanted, needed and attractive. The 4 men were in their late 20s and early thirties. I was 40.

All 4 of the men arrived at my house around 5:30PM. When two of the men had left and it was just me and the two men who had known each other before that night, it was already dark outside. This happened June 9th, 2007. My b/f ended up bar b queing for all of us. After we ate, me and the other two men returned to the bedroom. It was nearly midnight when I admitted that I couldn't do anymore and told my b/f that I needed to sleep. The two men looked at each other and one of them stated that that if I wanted they would stay the night so that when I could do more that they would both be there for me. I looked over at my b/f and he had the biggest smile on his face.

At that time I only had a queen sized bed. I told my b/f that there wouldn't be enough room for the three of us to sleep on the bed if the two other men stayed. My b/f told me he would sleep on the floor. I reluctantly agreed to let the two men stay the night. I ended up not getting much sleep that night. I did get some sleep, though.

I know I had slept because in the morning there were 3 other men I had never seen before in my bedroom. My b/f had gone back onto Craigslist and had invited 3 new black men to my house. I had not expected this and was a bit pissed that he had done so without asking me first, but since they were there and I was naked and was having sex with the other two men . . .

It was mid afternoon by the time that me and my b/f were alone. My b/f told me that he had a great time and hoped I had as well. I told him that I was exhausted, worn out and my pussy was sore as hell. He asked me if I was still horny. I admitted to him that I was sore and that my girl needed a rest. He ended up eating me out. And that did feel good. It was 3 days later before I had sex with my b/f. And when me and my b/f did have sex again, it was after he'd had another guy to the house and he and I had made love and he'd cum in me 3 times.

I had never met any of the black men before we'd played and I had only known my b/f for a week when this happened. I was unsure how I felt. I was a Christian. I was a mom. All 8 of the black men had cum in me. My b/f and I had only known each other for 7 days and I had just spent the last almost 24 hours being a total slut. My b/f told me that he got a lot of it on video and that he'd taken hundreds of pics. I told him that most of it was a blur to me.

Having 8 black men before I had sex with my b/f again felt strange to me. I had thought that my b/f would want me more than he had. It was then that I realized that he may enjoy more watching than doing. When I asked my b/f if this was the case, he kind of avoided the question by answering, "When I got to see you with all of those men, I felt special. I felt like you really cared about me, that you cared enough to have sex with other men and let me watch." He added, "When I saw how much you enjoyed the other men and how much you did with them and let them do with you, I knew I had found the woman of my dreams."

I knew at that moment that I had found the man of my dreams as well. I had found a man who allowed me to be who I knew I was. I had found a man who put my happiness above his own, while getting his happiness at the same time. I had found a man who cared enough to want to share me. I had found a man who I could love by loving other men.

That night and the following day with those 8 black men was something I am glad happened. If it hadn't happened, I am not sure how long it wold have taken for me to realize that me and my current hubby were meant for each other. It also allowed both me and my hubby to truly show our real selves to each other. I knew that day that I would continue to have sex with other men and that my hubby would want to watch more than participate. I didn't know if I would ever marry my hubby, but I knew that I loved him and that he loved me. Countless other men later, me and my then b/f are happily married. And I owe it all to my hubby allowing me to be with other men and the joy I know it brings him and I when I do.