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Do women notice cuckolds?

Sometimes i think do women notice who is a cuckold or wanker? Many times stranger girls and women smile when they look at me and i think they smile like they know what i am and what im thinking. So i like to know from women do they notice cuckolds or wanker. Perhaps from eyes, look or something?


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re: Do women notice cuckolds?

....I think women notice and are drawn toward strong, alpha males. Their perception of some men being submissive, due to their physique, voice, mannerisms, etc are sometimes wrong, but often right. And, if cock size is a determining factor to them, that's quickly realized as well.
....Its important to know, however, that even some alpha males enjoy watching their women have sex with other men, thus making them cuckolds as well.
I think I get what you mean. There are times when I kind of feel the wife is interested and the husband is alright for her to explore and engage in a borderline leading conversation.

Also, you attract what you think and focus on. If your mind is on cuck and bulling, one of the initial things you may look for when you meet a couple may be "does she like black guys?" "Is he a cuck?" "Can I seduce her?" And so on.

I think a wife who has "experience" or knowlegde of cucks/bulls would be able to tell or have an inkling if you're either/or.
Don't think there's a way to tell a cuck but you can tell a weaking from the man.

On a side note I know in my area more and more girls are viewing guys has a paycheck while they go and whore around.
I guess most of women doesn't care any cuckolds. Just their own husbands, but not the others. Many women may be interested many black dudes and cuckolds are mostly outsiders. Some cuckybois may be allowed to watch, but i think that is rare. Like cuckold sessions without cuckolds. ;) I guess almost all cuckolds live alone as a cuckold even they are married. Is it difficult to take part cuckold sessions as a cuckold? I may be wrong but i guess so. Same thing about chat. I think it's very difficult to find any lady to chat with cuckold but for black dudes it may be very easy.
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I think that the body language between husband and wife would tell you a great deal, for example when the wife is chatting up another man.
Yes, but what if cuckyboy is alone and his wife is somewhere else? Then there is no body language between them. I guess cuckyboys are cuckyboys every time and that shows around, if somebody can notice it.